The premiere episode of VH1's 'Love & Hip-Hop: New York' (season 4) introduced viewers to new cast members and a messy love triangle between Peter Gunz, his girlfriend of 13 years, Tara Wallace, and singer, Amina Buddafly.

As revealed in the first episode, Gunz fell in love with Amina and subsequently cheated on Tara. The Bronx, N.Y., native, who's known for his rap hit 'Deja Vu (Uptown Baby),' was creeping around with Amina but allegedly married her as well. In one scene, she reveals a tattoo that reads, "Mrs. Pankey" to Gunz’s friend, Rich Dollaz. For those who don’t know, Peter Gunz’s real name is Peter Pankey.

After watching the music industry veteran's infidelity unfold on the show, there are some facts about the rapper, who has been unofficially crowned, "The New Stevie J," that you should know. In honor of his newfound celebrity on 'Love & Hip Hop,' the Boombox presents 10 Things You Didn't Know About Peter Gunz.

  • Peter Gunz has fallen on hard times.

    There's one reason why Peter Gunz wanted to put his personal business out on front street via VH1's 'Love & Hip Hop:' he's broke. In a candid interview on 'Sway in the Morning,' the New York rhymer admitted that he's in financial straits. “I’m f---ed up out here. Last time I went to the ATM, that s--- told me to get the f--- outta here," he explained. "I had one hit... when they called me about the show, I was three months behind the rent. I just gave y'all what was really going on."

  • His son is ex-Cash Money rapper Cory Gunz.

    They say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and for Peter Gunz, this is so true. His son is none other than rapper Cory Gunz. You may remember him from his standout verse on Lil Wayne's 2011 song, '6 Foot 7 Foot.' Recently, Cory dropped his first mixtape in two years called 'Datz WTF I'm Talkin Bout.'

  • Fidelity is not his strong suit.

    Viewers may question why Gunz would betray Tara, his loyal girlfriend of 13 years, by having an affair with his artist, Amina Buddafly. The VH1 star offered no excuses for his infidelity and admits that loyalty is not his strong suit. “I can absolutely tell you I have no complaints about Tara. She’s dope! It’s me. It’s my bulls---," he admitted on 'Sway in the Morning.' "I’ve never been in a relationship where it was the woman’s fault. I’ve always had a problem being loyal."

    "As an old black man, I should be setting better examples," he added.

  • His "celebrity net worth" is $500,000.

    Gunz claims he's broke, but according to Celebrity Net Worth, he's worth about $500,000. We don't know how this website came up with that figure, but if it's true, his story is unbelievable.

  • 'Love & Hip Hop' isn't the first reality series he's been on.

    The rap vet has played the reality TV game before. In 2011, he and his son, Cory Gunz, starred in the MTV reality series, 'Son of a Gun.' The show revolved around Nick Cannon trying to help Cory get his rap career off the ground. With Peter by his son's side, things did get heated between himself and Nick. The series only lasted one season.

  • Diddy tried to get him blacklisted.

    According to Peter Gunz, when he and Lord Tariq released 'Deja Vu (Uptown Baby),' Diddy (better known as Puffy back then) allegedly called a couple of New York radio stations and told them not to play their song. Apparently, the Bad Boy Records founder thought that Gunz and Tariq copied the Lox's song 'If You Want It,' which also used the same beat. However, that wasn't the case.

    "['Uptown Baby'] was a song that Me and Tariq had in the stash for a long time ever since we was in a group called the Gun Runnerz," Gunz explained on This is 50 Radio. "So definitely when [the Lox's] record came out, we was like, yo, are they biting us? No, never would we bite [their song] and [Jadakiss] never felt that way either... and I consider him my mans."

  • He's worked with Mariah Carey

    Along with Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz collaborated with another high-profile MC -- Mariah Carey, that is. The dynamic duo appeared with Mimi on the Jermaine Dupri-produced single 'My All' in 1998. The song reached platinum status for selling 1 million copies in the U.S.

  • He goes by another name.

    In the 'Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)' video, Peter Gunz wears a red leather baseball jersey with the name "Othello" decorated on the back. Othello was his solo rap name, which he was using for his solo album. Unfortunately, that project was never released.

  • Boxing is his favorite sport.

    When he's not trying to manage the careers of other artists, you can find Peter Gunz at a boxing match watching his favorite fighters duke it out in the square ring. Among his favorite pugilists are WBO Middleweight World Champion Kid Chocolate and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

  • New songs are in the works.

    Before the premiere of 'Love & Hip Hop,' Gunz and Amina shared a song they recorded together with fans on YouTube. The track is an acoustic ditty called 'Since You've Been Gone.' It's possible that Gunz and Amina could have a musical future together. What do you think?