As 2017 comes to a close, many people are trying to make things right and get rid of the bad vibes for the new year. But on Love & Hip Hop, isn't the case.

Instead, Monday night's episode (December 25) was nowhere near happiness and positive energy. Let's start with Mariahlynn.

Although she's really happy about getting her chest done, it seems everything else in her life is going down the drain. She dropped by James R.'s video premiere party to do two things— show off her new rack, and make an exit that no one will ever forget.

After coming in to show her ex the new girls, Mariahlynn tried to make James mad, but it didn't seem to make a dent in her ex's ego, even after she broke his ice sculpture.

After closing the door on that problem, Mariahlynn wanted to focus on the music, especially after getting a co-sign from Remy Ma. But everyone around her, including Bianca, noticed that DJ Self was focusing more on Dreamdoll's career than Mariahlynn's. Eventually, Mariahlynn confronted the man she saw as a brother, particularly since she felt she'd been supporting him from the beginning.

However, Mariahlynn didn't know that Self consulted with his fellow Creep Squad brothers, Rich Dollaz and Peter Gunz, who's been absent all season. And considering Peter's rare appearance, this was clearly an important meeting. After explaining his case, Self felt that Dreamdoll was getting all the opportunities because she was hustling more than Mariahlynn. But when he explained that to his client, Mariahlynn got defensive and didn't believe what she was hearing.

Self didn't want Gwinin to have so much beef. So, he asked Dreamdoll to reach out to Mariahlynn and see if all the issues between them could be over. Even though Dreamdoll was really hesitant, especially since she found out Safaree was also working with Mariahlynn, she met with the other Gwinin artist anyway. Unfortunately, within minutes of their park meet-up, the two ladies started spitting fire and soon security needed to jump in a separate the fight.

Aside from James' reunion with Mariahlynn, he also was about to rumble with Jacquae and Snoop at his party. But luckily, Self, being the peacemaker, wanted everyone to stop fighting. So, he spoke with everyone involved and tried to get them to end it all. After James and Jacquae talked it out, it seemed that their common issue was Sophia Body. Jacquae thanked James for taking her off his hands, James started to second guess his feelings for Sophia.

After the party, he met up with Sophia to ask why she never came to support him at the video release event. She tried to dance her way around the conversation and play the victim. However, James quickly saw all the red flags. Still, Sophia was able to wiggle her way out of that situation and try to make it look like she's not the problem, when we all knew that she was.

Meanwhile, Rich Dollaz and Anais have been getting hot and heavy. But Rich wanted to make things right with Navarro. So, they set up a meeting with Navarro and Ashley. Although Navarro didn't want to get into the personal business, he warned the couple that this couldn't end well. Things went south once Ashley showed up because she was already fuming about Navarro's own alleged creeping. Then, the meeting that was meant to be about Rich and Anais turned into an attack on Navarro. When he explained that the conversations he had with another woman was to set up a spa day for Ashley, she threw him out of their place.

The drama continued as Trent attempted to get back at Jonathan for the catfishing incident in last week's episode. The two met up for dinner, but it was cut short when Trent presented Jonathan with his marriage certificate. Jonathan went crazy and demanded to know where Trent found it. We later discovered that Jonathan was married to his best friend in Los Angeles but was still trying to finalize their divorce.

After security was brought in to separate the fight, Trent tried to get into Jonathan's good graces again with flowers at his doorstep. Unfortunately for Trent, Jonathan was done with the situation, but the two parted on good terms.

And finally, Yandy and Remy Ma were wondering why Juju had been ignoring them. Yandy thought that it mean that Juju was pregnant, but Remy didn't think so. The two investigated and dropped in on their friend. But they were shocked to find out that Juju and Cam'ron broke up. Seeing their best friend in tears broke Remy and Yandy's hearts, but they promised to have their girl's back no matter what.

Be sure to tune in next week to see what happens next with the Love & Hip Hop crew.


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