We've all watched the drama unfold for musician and reality show star Amina Buddafly on VH1's Love And Hip Hop. Her marriage to Peter Gunz has been an emotional roller coaster since the beginning, and in the most recent season, Peter asks Amina for a divorce. While it seemed like Amina didn't want to live without him, she explained her side of the story in this exclusive interview with TheBoomBox.

"I’m all for the divorce if that’s what he wants," she says. "You know, we’ve been separated for almost a year now and I don’t want to go back to him if things are going to be the same. I’m just open and honest about the fact that I still love him and that I do wish things were different. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to go back to accepting the way things have been, or that I want him back in that way."

She says that the reality show led people to believe a few falsehoods.

"That’s what people misunderstand," she insists. "Because there was a scene [on Love and Hip Hop] where I said ‘oh I’ll come back to you if you want me to'." But he would have to do a lot of things to get me to come back to New York. Like I’m not going to change my whole life to go back to Peter unless, you know, a miracle would happen, which everyone knows it won’t. So everyone that thinks I’m going to go back to Peter as soon as he tells me to come back, they’re completely wrong."

Amina also mentions that she believes Peter still cares and loves her too because no divorce papers have actually been filed.

"Peter has been talking about [divorce] on the show, and everyone thinks it's just me not wanting to sign the papers," she says. "But I need papers to sign to sign them. You know he's been talking about it but I've yet to see divorce papers. I would never hold him back by not signing them or anything like that. So if that's really what he wants, which it doesn't look like it but if it is I'm ready and I'm okay with it."

As many women who are trying to get over a failed marriage or relationship, it took her a little time to adjust to being without Peter but she's making the best of it all for herself and her children.

"I’ve created my own life with my daughters [in LA]. I live my life, he lives his life. It’s hard for me to accept that it’s really over sometimes," she says. "But you know as far as our relationship currently, we get along well for the kids. He comes to visit, I go to New York [with the girls] and things are seeming much better than they were when we were actually together and in a relationship. So everything’s good right now."

She does admit that in the beginning of the separation, it was tough.

"I'm not going to lie, though, in the beginning it was very difficult," she acknowledges. "The heartbreak was the hardest part to get over. But at this point now, I'm just focused on the things I want to do with my life and getting back to my career, my music. It's good because I've gotten back to be creative again, because that was something that I was struggling with as I was going through all of that. But now I just really feel like this is the place I'm suppose to be."

Now in a more positive place in life, the German singer/songwriter is back to the music and recently dropped a brand new EP, Music In My Room.

"I'm just so happy that I was able to make this happen," she says. "Making music became so hard for me like I said so releasing this EP just made me so happy. I used a few songs that aren't new, they just have never been released. I always play them when I do shows and people just love them so I felt like I should put these songs out. So three of them are songs I wrote years ago and then there's two brand new ones. And the new one's came to me as I was finishing the book I just put out. All five songs just mean so much to me."

Amina's new book entitled The Other Woman was released earlier this year (Jan 9th), and it's a tell-all about her life and her marriage.

"The book is really about me, and who I am, and what I've been through," she says. "And I'm hoping it helps other women. I get messages everyday about just how much my story inspires others. So with this book I'm hoping I can just let women know that they're not alone. A lot of times, in the book, I refer to Tara as the other woman because from where I was standing that was that. So  I just wanted to share and tell my story myself because a lot of it all is left off tv and it was important to me to tell my side of the story."

As far as what's next for Amina, she just plans to do what she loves to do.

"The focus this year is just my music, the book and my daughters," she says. "Promoting the book on this book tour, working on music. I'm meeting new producers, and getting back to the studio. So just continuing to do what I've always done."

You can purchase Amina's book, her music and stay updated with her at IAmAmina.com.


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