In last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop, Cisco made more enemies by deepening Peter Gunz's frustrations with him after Cisco shut down a business deal that Peter had in New Orleans. That ended with Peter lunging at Cisco, and things seemed to take a turn for the worst when they met again. After meeting with Tara to get some advice, Cisco decided, after also lashing out at Tara, that he needed to settle the score with Peter. The two men met in a parking lot to talk things out.

But things quickly got violent. And although security and producers wanted to separate them completely, Peter wanted Cisco to say everything he had to say. And we found out that Cisco had been hiding the fact that his ex took his kids and his mom was dying. So all that pent up anger was being projected onto Mariahlynn and the Creep Squad. After discovering what happened, Peter's tune quickly changed and he decided to leave their past issues and even the money that Cisco owed him behind. He gave Cisco a big hug and wanted to get his brother back.

Meanwhile Yandy's problems were just getting bigger. After she told her girlfriends and Mendeecees that the marriage wasn't legally official as well as the fact Samantha and Erika found out, one of Samantha's best friends reached out to Yandy to give her some tea. While Yandy initially didn't want to meet, the mention of Lil Mendeecees' well-being pushed her to go. She found out that Erika had a big plan with Samantha to take the marriage news to the blogs--exposing everything. Yandy questioned the validity and reasoning; all of the scheming was taking a toll on Samantha's care for Little Mendeecees, which is a big priority Yandy. So there's no doubt she'll be confronting Samantha and Erika soon.

As Remy Ma has been getting comfortable with her return to the spotlight, Papoose has been pushing for a new baby. Although Remy promised that she would get pregnant after they got married, she was hoping that it wouldn't be this soon and that he wouldn't push so hard. Things got worse when he surprised her with a pregnancy test at dinner. Tip to all the fellas: never do that to any woman you're with.

J. Adrienne and Snoop's new working relationship on Gorgeous Gangster seemed to be going well. And since they had a fair amount of new artists on their roster, they were ready to show everyone. The two organized a showcase to highlight the new talent. And although everything ran smoothly, J. was letting the drinks flow and started acting unprofessionally; screaming and making loud comments during the performances. Snoop initially tried to calmly tell her to stop. But once J. Adrienne started commenting on them not being together and added that Snoop could sleep with any woman out there, Snoop clapped back and confronted her in front of everyone. And while we knew she was drunk, her interview proved that J. still believed she did nothing wrong.

Finally, DJ Self was ready to unite his Gwinin team by bringing Mariahlynn and Major Galore together to hash things out. Both women believe that they are the "First Lady of Gwinin," and the two were ready to come with guns a-blazing. Although things started passive-aggressively, the verbal attacks soon started -- proving that Self had a lot on his hands.

So who will he choose to be Gwinin's first lady? Tune in next week and find out.

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