Tara saw Peter show everyone--from her family to Love & Hip Hop fans--that he wanted to get back into a relationship; but Tara needed Peter to make sure he did something else -- end his relationship with Amina.

Amina flew to New York so that Peter could see his two young daughters, with no idea that he'd be breaking it off for good. The two were cordial, but as they started the conversation, it was obvious that Amina had some hopes that they could work things out. So when Peter told her that he wanted a divorce, she was sad--but not necessarily surprised. He did ask her to move back to New York City, but Amina politely refused. She explained that if she were to live in New York again, the two would start fooling around again. And we all know how that turned out. So she accepted, even though she knew she'd lost her love to Tara.

To celebrate his family, Peter had a rooftop party, which brought together all of his kids--as well as Amina and Tara. Despite initial awkwardness, Tara and Amina had a heart-to-heart conversation about what they needed to do to keep the peace. Since Peter was the father of their children, they needed to put their differences aside for the sake of the kids. The convo ended with the ladies hugging it out.

If only Yandy, Samantha and Erika would follow Tara and Amina's example. But of course, what would this show be without baby mama drama? Following the getaway in Mexico, Yandy and Kimbella met up to talk about Yandy's argument with Juju and her conversation with Samantha. While Yandy thought she was meeting Lil Mendeecees' mom in order to talk about his birthday party, she was taken aback when Samantha indicated she wanted to make peace by explaining how all the baby mamas need to get along. While Yandy had her faults, she did bring this up last season when they had their final meeting with Mendeecees before he went to jail. Unsurprisingly, that conversation ended poorly, which brings us back to Yandy's conversation with Kimbella, who was a regular at Lil Mendeecees' birthdays. Being the good friend she was to Yandy, Kimbella took it upon herself to crash Lil Mendeecees' birthday party and give those who stopped her at the door a piece of her mind. Samantha's mom was ready to knock Kimbella out, but she was quickly stopped by security. And the feud continues.

Despite that mess, Kimbella did come home to a big surprise. Having taken care of the kids and house while his wife was away, Juelz Santana surprised Kimbella by cleaning the entire house and expressing how appreciative he was of all the work she's done for the family.

Finally, Remy Ma was still grieving over her miscarriage, but the ordeal gave her a new perspective. She met with her longtime friend Fat Joe to talk about what's been going on. Remy explains that she wants to focus on her family; but her worries that Joe wouldn't support her were quickly alleviated. Joe told her that she's gotta do her first and joked about how Papoose is going to stress about how big the future baby shower was going to be.

Be sure to tune in next week to find out what happens next on Love & Hip Hop.

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