Last May, everyone saw Yandy and Mendeecees tie the knot on national television. But while the ceremony and grandeur was real, apparently the U.S. government didn't view their union as a legal one. On last night's (Jan. 2) episode of Love & Hip Hop, Yandy finally came clean to Juju and Kimbella that she never sent the papers for the marriage certificate to the marriage bureau. So even though they may have they might be married in God's eyes, New York City doesn't see the union as a legal one. Not only was one of LHH's star couples a bit of a sham, but it was just enough ammo for Erika and Samantha to get back at Yandy. And while Yandy knew her girls wouldn't tell anyone, Erika's lawyer did some digging and informed their client and Samantha--who we found out started their own clothing line together--that there's no marriage certificate. And of course, it wouldn't be long till these two spilled that tea.

Yandy continued to say that she did it for her family and her own security, unfortunately she did this all without consulting Mendeecees. So when she finally called him and told him, Medeecees didn't take the news well. To make matters worse, Yandy said that even if the papers were sent and the certificate was official, she'd rip it--for the sake of their families and finances. After hearing that, Mendeecees couldn't do anything but just hang up.

Meanwhile, J. Adrienne is back after taking a mini "break" from the show to clear her head. And after her breakup with Snoop, she was determined to win her woman back. So she devised a "master plan" to start working at Snoop's label, Gorgeous Gangster; she was hoping that the close proximity would make Snoop want J. bank. And while Snoop was apprehensive, J. surprised her with a new client, Sofi Green. Now, a few weeks ago, J. was ready to rip both Sofi and Snoop's eyes out because of a flirty video that was posted from Sofi's podcast. But after gathering her composure, J. met with Sofi to make amends, and now they're practically best friends.

Mariahlynn may have had to deal with the rumble between DJ Self and Cisco, but she had bigger issues on her hands. Her little sister was causing problems, and the fighting was also affecting their mom, who's been trying to battle her own addiction issues. But after sitting down with her little sister and really explaining everything that was going on, the two made up and agreed that they needed to get along for the sake of their family.

Remy Ma and Papoose's lives may be the least dramatic out of all the cast members this season. But that didn't mean they don't have a few road bumps here and there. With Papoose feeling that he can take on more clients, including their children, Remy thought it was time for her to take a new approach to her business affairs. So after taking him to a romantic picnic, she broke the news that she wanted to fire him as a manager and hire someone else on a trial basis. He wasn't pleased, but in the end, "happy wife, happy life."

Finally, we welcomed back Peter Gunz, who was absent from most of the season taking care of his personal affairs. He reunited with DJ Self to discuss Cisco being kicked out of the Creep Squad and found out Cisco ruined a business opportunity for Peter in New Orleans. So Peter, Rich Dollaz and Self met with Cisco to discuss the issues. It was clear that Cisco was being really cocky and felt he was the dominant one in the situation. Things went south after Cisco told Peter to take the $5,000 that he lost to the NOLA cancellation from Cisco's pocket. Peter was so mad he jumped the table, and security quickly swooped in.

Now that there's this riff in the Creep Squad, what will happen to these men next? Tune in next week to find out.

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