If you thought Mariahlynn and Major Galore's face-off last week was bad, this week's episode of Love & Hip Hop added a thrown drink into the mix. In an effort to unify Team Gwinin, DJ Self brought the ladies back into the same room. But before they speak, each of the ladies did their best performances for a coveted pre-show spot for Powerhouse. Rich Dollaz and Peter Gunz were on hand to help DJ Self decide who won the competition. While they thought Mariahlynn's performance was great, Major Galore had the better track. And when the guys revealed their comments, it fueled the fire for the ladies to start a brawl. And to make matters worse, Cisco had yet again inserted himself into the drama without even being there; telling Galore about how he helped Mariahlynn and that didn't sit well with ML.

Drinks were thrown, and naturally the women had to be separated.

Cisco might not have been at the Gwinin event, but he did finally meet with Rich. After seeing these two spar, it would seem obvious that they would fight again. But instead, the two men, especially Rich, became emotional during the talk. While he was still infuriated with Cisco, he can't help but love the man and miss his brother. Unfortunately for Cisco, that still wasn't enough for them to completely bury the hatchet. By the end of their conversation, Cisco finally saw how he hurt Rich, who walked away from the situation in tears.

Although Drewski swore his love and devotion to Sky, his girlfriend was still skeptical and continued to snoop around. Drewski couldn't deal with her trust issues anymore. So he filmed Sky looking through his phone and posted it on social media. And although Juelz Santana warned him about the bad idea, he did it anyway. And naturally, Sky wasn't happy about it, confronted Drewski and left the conversation even more upset with her boyfriend.

Finally, Yandy was still dealing with the shocking news she learned from Samantha's best friend regarding Sam and Erika's plans to sabotage Yandy. And to make matters worse, Samantha and Erika thought they could get Judy onto their side. However, after telling her the truth regarding Mendeecees and Yandy's marriage, Judy stuck by her son and "daughter-in-law." Following the party, Judy sat down with Yandy and revealed that Mendeecees told her the truth about the marriage. And no matter what a piece of paper told her, Yandy was her daughter-in-law and her family needed to be together. And while the two ended their conversation teary-eyed, they found comfort in the fact they had each other's backs.

Despite this, Yandy still needed to handle the Erick and Samantha problem. So she tried to reach out to Samantha only to find out that there was no way that Samantha would ever side with Yandy. And after meeting face-to-face, the conversation instantly turned int a fight.

Will all of Mendeecees children be together again? And will these women ever get along? Probably not, but you should tune in next week to make sure.

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