Remy Ma and Papoose had managed to dodge any kind of drama so far this season. And even though Remy was tired of her husband's constant pleas to have a baby, Monday night's episode (January 23) of Love & Hip Hop showed that the couple was expecting. Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived: Remy experienced an ectopic pregnancy and had a miscarriage. She also found out that she can no longer can get pregnant naturally. Considering how much Pap wanted to have a child with Remy, this was completely heartbreaking. Pap was also hurting but wanted to stay strong for his wife.

Meanwhile, Yandy was about to get into a brawl with Samantha and Ericka again. But after a bout of yelling--and Yandy telling the other two ladies to stop about her marriage to Mendeecees--Yandy begged for them to get along for the sake of the children. Samantha got defensive after Yandy said she would plan Lil Mendeecees birthday party; but Yandy took a step back and rephrased it--saying that she would help with the planning and that Mendeecees would pay for it. Samantha appreciated it, so hopefully this truce will last longer than this episode.

Although the baby mama drama may be over for now, Yandy sparked new problems with Kimbella when she asked her to tell her more about Juelz Santana's progress in the studio. Yandy, his manager, said that was a client privilege and she wasn't going to say anything. However, Kimbella believed, as his wife, she was entitled to the information. The back and forth put the two women into a another conflict. Tired of being in the middle, Yandy had a meeting with Juelz--but got some attitude from him, too. While he explained that he's between a rock and a hard place, Yandy said that he hasn't even given her the product and called him out for asking to get paid when she hadn't even gotten a demo. With all the issues with Kimbella, she reached out to JuJu, who told her they needed some girl time. So now they're heading to Mexico, which looked a lot like another fight in a new place in the episode teaser.

With Peter Gunz back, that means we're back to his love triangle with Amina and Tara. But while he was there to see the birth of his last child, Bronx, Amina has taken the baby and their other child to Florida for a new start. So that left Peter to figure things out with Tara. After some time, he realized he still loves her and wants to get back with her. Of course, his friends were very hesitant, and Tara didn't take it so well, either. She explained that she was finally getting her life back together and was really moving on. After Peter said his piece, she said that he had a lot to do to prove that he wanted to make it work again.

So Peter surprised her with a 40th birthday party and even flew out her brother for the occasion. To top it off, he made a public apology to Tara and her family for all the pain he put her through. He also promised that he wanted to make it right and have his family again. While we've seen Peter do these things before, it seemed that he did change when he personally apologized to Tara's brother about everything Peter did to her. And although her brother was hesitant, he told Peter that he now had to prove it with actions instead of his words. So we'll just have to wait and see.

Finally, Cardi B was thrown a bomb when her man, Tommy, finally broke up with her. Although she knew it wasn't working between them, she was still hurt. And who did she turn to? Swift. After all the drama between Swift and Cardi, it seemed they were done. However, they did miss each other, and Cardi brought him to her family dinner where all her relatives not only asked him when he and Cardi were official but also told Cardi that she needed to admit that she really cares for Swift. Despite all the sparks we're seeing between these two, their love may need to be a slow burn at the moment.

Tune in next week to find out what happens next on Love & Hip Hop.

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