Love & Hip Hop star Mendeecees Harris is off to jail after pleading guilty on drug trafficking charges last April. The 36-year-old rap manager, who's married to Yandy Smith, was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Although, since he already served 15 months in prison, he has less than seven years to serve as of January. And with good behavior, he may get out in five or six years.

According to XXL, authorities said that Harris was involved in a drug trafficking ring that shipped large amounts of cocaine and heroin from downstate New York to the Rochester area.

And now he's paying for it.

But before he checked into the minimum security facility, Harris shared a lengthy message on Instagram for "all those that have supported me, grew with me, changed hearts, minds and perspectives with me." In it, Harris talks about how with his tough upbringing he never thought he'd be in a position to influence thousands of people. "But who would have thought "Young DeeCee" that wore the ripped up worn shoes, that went to school on sugar sandwiches and borrowed rice would ever have a voice to speak to the masses," he writes.

Harris continued to give his followers a dose of good advice -- some that he's learned from experience.

"When I was young, hungry and closed minded I acted as such. Now I'm wiser but it's wisdom born through pain, so that means enduring this will just make me wiser and stronger," he writes..

"Be blessed, keep in contact, build and encourage each other, stop the hating and see you when I return," finished the post.

Keep your head up Mendeecees Harris.

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