After all the spying Judy had been doing on her daughter-in-law this season, Yandy was tired of it and had to vent to her friend Jonathan. But when they met up, Yandy didn't come to just complain about her mother-in-law. She had some new information that would rock everyone's world if they found out -- Judy was dating another man outside of her husband. Although Yandy didn't have the full details, Judy's social media was showing her sitting on another (younger) man's lap.

So in true Love & Hip Hop fashion, she crashed Judy's date with Rob to investigate. And she walked in as he was feeding her oysters. Judy was shocked that Yandy found her, and Yandy was more than happy to share that Judy was with her husband Kenny still. Judy tried to cover it up by saying they were divorced, but Yandy explained that it couldn't be true if they just had Thanksgiving dinner together with Kenny carving the turkey. Despite all the awkwardness, it didn't seem to faze Rob because he just went ahead and continued to feed his date. And that's not something Yandy or we were prepared for.

Meanwhile Mariahlynn was still made about catching James R. with Sophia. But he reached out to her to sort things out. Unfortunately, Mariahlynn was done, but she agreed to meet up. That way she would be able to give James a piece of her mind and verbally tear him apart. Although she did care for James, Marilynn wasn't going to be played like that, no matter how cute she may think he his.

Anais may be the new lady on the show, but she wasn't welcomed by the LHH cast. And fellow season eight newbie Jonathan was the latest individual to have bad blood with the up and coming singer. Apparently they were friends when both just moved to New York. And shortly after the two started settling in, people started saying that Jonathan was cramping Anais' style and that he was just as bougie as she was. That's just something he won't stand for, and at this meeting, he was going to tell her everything and cut her out of his life.

Britney was so over all her own drama that she needed her girls -- Dreamdoll and Sophia -- to back her up. Britney opened up about her grandma being back in the hospital. However what she didn't realize was the drama between Dreamdoll and Sophia. The moment that Sophia sat down, Dreamdoll put on her sunglasses. To respond, Sophia took the top off of her drink. So then Dreamdoll did the same. Now if you're wondering what's going on, smoothies were about to fly through the air. And after what only seemed like minutes, Dreamdoll chucked her drink at Sophia, which land near her face. And Sophia threw hers, too. But it ended up hitting Britney. Security took Sophia out, and Dreamdoll started apologizing like crazy. But Britney was so upset by everything and was so done with all the drama.

There's lots of issues amongst the newer cast members of Love & Hip Hop. To learn more about them and the problems happening in the Big Apple, be sure to tune in next week.

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