Back in November, Mendeecees Harris asked a judge to reduce his 8-year sentence for his involvement in a drug trafficking ring. The Love & Hip Hop star wanted it cut to three years so he could talk to the youth about the dangers of drugs once he's freed. Earlier this month, he got his answer: No.

According to the Democrat and Chronicle, U.S. District Judge Frank Geraci Jr. denied Harris’ request for an abbreviated sentence, which started in December 2015.

Harris’ lawyer, Dawn Florio, contends that he had a small role in the drug-trafficking scheme between New York and Rochester, N.Y. She also highlighted Harris' community work with the youth and that he forfeited his $170,000 fee he earned on the VH1 reality show. Florio also added that Harris has a job once he leaves and is expected to return to Love & Hip Hop as well.

However, the judge agreed with prosecutors who responded that while Harris wasn’t a major figure in the drug operation his involvement - big or small - could not be ignored.

In his March 8 ruling, Judge Geraci noted that Harris admitted that the players in the network moved at least [88 pounds] of cocaine and [two pounds] of heroin.

"A confidential source indicated that they received multiple kilograms of cocaine from (Harris) in New York City," Geraci wrote in his motion. "This individual stated that they received three to five kilograms [7 to 11 pounds] of cocaine each month from (Harris) between 2005 and 2008. A second informant indicated that they received five kilograms [11 Pounds] of heroin from (Harris)."

Therefore, the judge ruled that Harris' role was significant enough to warrant the sentence.

So it looks like Harris will be in prison for a while. Florio had no comment on the judge's ruling.

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