Following the scuffle between DJ Self and James in last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop, Self had a chat with Mariahlynn warning her about her boyfriend. While she still cared about him, she also wanted to make sure that things were going well between them.

And because the couple haven't talked or seen each other since the fight, Mariahlynn checked up on her man. What she didn't know was that he had brought on Sophia Body to be his love interest in the video for his new single, "Bad Girl." Yes, he actually did more than be Mariahlynn's boyfriend. Well, she was not too pleased to see him sitting on a bed across from Sophia. Mariahlynn tried to keep her cool, but Sophia had to say that James told her he was single. Mariahlynn was unaware of this breakup. While you'd think she would come at James, Mariahlynn lunged at Sophia instead. Security quickly jumped in to separate the two. Meanwhile, Mariahlynn was clearly done with all of it as she threw her shoe at James.

Meanwhile James saw himself as the innocent one but also made himself out to be more important than he was -- referring to himself in the third person. As Mariahlynn was escorted out of the building, she celebrated her punching win with a new rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

Since the season started, it was clear that Bianca and Britney had issues with each other. But their mutual friend, Jaquae, felt caught in the middle. However things seemed to favor Britney more when Dreamdoll and Britney explained how Bianca rolled into Dreamdoll's birthday party and started to rumble. In the end, DJ Self who heard Bri's side, explained that there needs to be some kind of peace between the two women for the sake of both of their careers. Dreamdoll thought she could possibly be a good mediator, but Self is worried she'd be stuck in some muddy territory.

Lil Mo made her debut on the season. And when we thought we'd see some nice family time with her son, Jordan, her revealed that he read about the cheating rumors surrounding his mom and dad, boxer Karl Dargan. Knowing that her son had access to that kind of information simultaneously broke her heart but also made her blood boil. Although she wanted to put a stop to the rumors, Mo also did her best to reassure her son that everything was OK.

Despite trying to avoid the baby conversation again, Remy Ma finally agreed to start IVF treatments so she and Papoose can have a child together. But when she met up with Juju, Remy realized that it could actually be a harder journey than she once thought. A teary-eyed Juju opened up about how she and her man had a difficult time conceiving for a few years. And she didn't tell Remy to discourage her from trying again but to warn her that it may not work the first round of treatment. And if the couple are set to have a child together, they shouldn't give up on it.

Be sure to tune in next week to see how it all pans out.

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