Cisco hasn't been as present in this season of Love & Hip Hop, but last week, he finally returned to apologize to Mariahlynn--and hopefully, start working with her again. He came to her showcase, but the reunion was short-lived after DJ Self arrived. After Cisco pulled Mariahlynn away from a rumble with Bianca, it seemed as if Cisco and ML were set to be partners. Then when DJ Self showed up, not only did Cisco start his own argument with the Hot 97 DJ but also pulled Mariahlynn into the situation. Cisco thought ML would be on her side, especially considering the prior incident, but she couldn't forget the fact that Self has been there for her since the beginning. So she wasn't necessarily going to cut ties with him. With things going south for Cisco, he was left with no other choice but to come at Self. Although the two were pulled away by security, Self made it clear that he was now the leader of the Creep Squad and that Cisco was out.

Bianca was also losing her own allies. As previously mentioned, she got into a fight with Mariahlynn at her showcase. And this was because B found out that ML was the one who told Sky about her plans to seduce Drewski. Bianca felt betrayed by her so-called friend and needed to hit her back. And while she and Drewski might not be a love match after all, she still wanted to continue their working relationship. However what she didn't know was that he loved Sky more than he enjoyed working with her. So when she dropped by the radio station, he told her they were done on all fronts. Of course, she didn't take it well and gave him a piece of her mind before leaving.

Meanwhile, Drewski had plans to make things right with Sky. He surprised her with a huge bouquet of flowers and offered her to move in with him. While Sky was pleasantly surprised, she couldn't completely shake off what happened with Bianca. So although she accepted his apology, she wanted them to work at getting to the right place first.

Finally, Yandy versus Mendeecees' baby mamas heated up this week when she changed the locks in Erika's apartment. Erika claimed that it was the place she shared with Mendeecees. And although she didn't technically live there anymore, it was still hers. But Yandy stood her ground and said that since she had power of attorney and was his wife, she was legally allowed to do what she did.

The issue was so big that Mendeecees, despite being in jail, had to also get involved. He called Erika to sort things out. And although he told her to start getting along with Yandy for the sake of the children, he did admit that Erika wasn't a one night stand, which made us wonder what don't we know about Mendeecees and his relationships with these women.

So that brought us back to Yandy. She met up with Kimbella and Juju to catch them up about her situation. And as she ran down the details of what happened with Erika, she started to reveal the actual arrangement she has with Mendeecees. Previously she told Erika that she had power of attorney over all of Mendeecees affairs as his wife. But then we found out the reason she had to actually have "power of attorney" signed over to her was because she and Mendeecees aren't actually legally married.

Well, that's one hell of a cliffhanger. Be sure to tune in next week to find out how and why this all happened.

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