Remember when Trinidad James caused furor with his "South runs New York musically" comments? Well, Papoose hasn’t forgotten and he's not accepting the Atlanta rapper’s apology either. Pap just dropped a diss song apropos for today called 'Jive Ass Turkey.'

On the song, the Brooklyn rhymer spits all kinds of lyrical vitriol at the 'All Gold Everything' rapper for his transgression.

"Tryin' diss the hip-hop home, this is my throne / You ain't no real Trinidadian boy, you hilarious / You ugly bride of Frankenstein, who you marrying?" he raps. "You the dumbest out the South, it don't get no dumber / Don’t you know my guns spit thunder, you one hit wonder?" Ouch.

On his second verse, Papoose warns James not to come back to New York and repeat his infamous statement about the Big Apple.

"Don’t come back to New York with that b.s., dawg / N----s is looking for you like the PS4," he spits.

He then adds, "Papoose, my flow is deep enough to drown a lifeguard / I would give you some more bars, but you ain't even worthy / Happy Thanksgiving, you jive ass turkey."

Pass the stuffing and the cranberry sauce, we think Trinidad James just got served.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Listen to Papoose's 'Jive Ass Turkey' (Trinidad James Diss)