After Mariahlynn and Bri made amends in St. Marteen, you'd think good vibes would follow them back in New York. Unfortunately, Bianca didn't think so.

When Bianca found out that Mariahlynn not only became friendly with her enemy but also recorded with her, B wasn't having it. Although she didn't completely blow up on Mariahlynn, she did embarrass ML during their meeting with Safaree.

Bianca took shots at both ML and Safaree and blasted the charity track they worked on, "Paradise Remix." But she wasn't the only one who was fuming about the peace between Mariahlynn and Bri.

Dreamdoll questioned her friendship with Bri after she found out about the peacemaking session on St. Marteen. She wasn't just angry, but Dreamdoll did feel betrayed. However, when she opened up to her mother about the situation, her mom set her straight and pointed out that she couldn't let all the drama take over what's really important. Dreamdoll didn't take the advice well at first, but then she realized that she needed to do what her mom said in order to further her career.

And to prove that she's turned over a new leaf, Dreamdoll agreed to meet with Bri and Mariahlynn. Although everyone thought that more drinks would be thrown, the ladies proved that they've grown up a little and even ended the meeting with a hug.

Anais and Jonathan also wanted to hop on the drama-free train and went ice skating in Central Park. At that point, we learned that Ruben left Anais' house, and Anais was finally realizing that her actions had awful consequences. We also saw her make up with Jonathan, despite how harsh their arguments were when they were in St. Marteen.

Kiyanne was still mad at Jacquae about what happened in St. Marteen. However, after some time, she realized that she really cared for him, no matter how many times he messed up. Even still, she wasn't going to let him off the hook completely. So, at dinner, she made him make a verbal promise not to lie to her about things and just care for her the way he initially said he would.

They're not the only ones with a blossoming love connection. Safaree had been trying to spice things up with JuJu. While she thought they were just being friends, she realized that he was trying to do a little more when Safaree invited her to a pottery class. While no Demi Moore-Patrick Swayze action happened, you could tell that the two had a spark going on. Be sure to tune in next week to find out how Safaree and JuJu's relationship grows.


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