With only a few episodes of Love & Hip Hop left this year, all the drama came to the forefront on Monday night's (December 18) episode.

Since Love & Hip Hop newbie Jonathan had patched things up with Anais, he was ready to focus on his own relationship with Trent. But with Trent occupied by his music career, Jonathan felt that he was being ignored. So, Jonathan decided to stop by the studio, only to find out that Trent wasn't there recording. After talking to the receptionist, Jonathan started to think that he was being played, and tested his theory by being someone else on Grindr. Like clockwork, Trent reached out to this "new" guy, and arranged a date.

On the night of the date, Jonathan was waiting at the table but found out that Trent wasn't coming in because he realized he was being catfished. Jonathan, who wanted to make sure that Trent knew he did him wrong, followed Trent down the street and started yelling. Trent refused to turn around, probably because cameras were following their every move. By the end of the dramatic scene, they were officially over.

Meanwhile, Mariahlynn was back in New York after getting her breast augmentation surgery. She celebrated the occasion by having a sexy slumber party. But when Bianca and her friend arrived, they overdressed, mostly because Mariahlynn wearing  nipple tassels and a big smile.

Happy vibes continued when Remy Ma and Papoose finally went to the doctor to find out if she was a good candidate for IVF. And while the procedure and the doctor's speech seemed to go on forever, we found out that not only was Remy perfect for IVF, but also didn't necessarily have to rush into it. You could feel the love in the room when the happy couple heard the good news.

Finally, there's the love triangle that was Jaquae, Sophia Body and James R. After Jaquae kicked Sophia out of his house, she went to the only person she knew to run to— James. And since he's been eyeing her for a while, he was more than happy to have her stay with him. She wanted to repay him by making him breakfast and treating him like a king. Although she claimed it was only to show her gratitude, things seemed a little more than friendly while they were enjoying their mimosas.

Meanwhile, Jacquae was welcomed with open arms into the Creep Squad. And with Snoop and DJ Self behind him, the three of them decided to attend James' video release party for "Bad Girl." Although Jacquae tried be incognito, he couldn't help but throw shade at James. So, James clapped back by telling Jacquae to watch the video because Sophia looks great in it. After watching all the bed scenes, Jacquae realized how much Sophia wasn't telling him, and was relieved that they were done.

Following the video, the shade continued. However, it wasn't necessarily between James and Jacquae— it was with Snoop. In typical Love & Hip Hop fashion, a fight broke out, and security came in. But it was clear that the rumbles at James' party weren't over just yet.

Tune in next week to find out who else shows up at the video premiere party and see how the rest of the other drama unfolds.


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