Last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop showed Yandy and Remy Ma's attempts to get Bianca, Mariahlynn, Bri and Dreamdoll to bury the hatchet. Unfortunately even when they collected the ladies' shoes, the younger emcees still found other things to throw at each other.

Within minutes, Mariahlynn and Bianca were taken outside with Remy, while Bri and Dreamdoll stayed with Yandy. After taking a few breaths, Yandy and Remy pointed out that the reason they even wanted to them to get along was because of Yandy's big charity trip to help the residents of St. Maarten. Mariahlynn, Bri and Dreamdoll were still invited, but Bianca was out because she started the fight.

As the episode continued, it was clear that Yandy's small relief trip was going to turn into one big party. First, Jonathan brought Anais aboard, which Yandy was very hesitant about. When the ladies met at the club, you could feel the tension between the two. Then, when Remy told her friend that Papoose wouldn't let her go because of the IVF process, Safaree was roped in.

Finally, Safaree, who felt he could remix his hit, "Paradise," and then somehow use the proceeds to help St. Maarten, recruited Jacquae because he wanted him on the new rendition. So, when Juju had to break the news to Yandy regarding Safaree's guest, Yandy's gears started turning. She put Juju and Mariahlynn in one villa. The guys would be in the hotel, and finally, Bri, Jonathan and Anais would be staying with her.

Yandy was very iffy about Anais coming on the trip, and her suspicions were instantly validated. When they arrived, Bri, Jonathan and Yandy started packing boxes with supplies and food. But Anais changed into one of her bathing suits and started drinking. Yandy confronted her about this, but Anais insisted that they were on the island and to turn up. Jonathan tried to diffuse the situation by telling Anais to stop drinking and help. But that made it worse because she started to get mad at Jonathan for taking Yandy's side.

The next day, the St. Maarten crew, including Anais, set up shop at the local school to hand out waters and meals to the students. Midway through the food drive, Anais sat down with Yandy to discuss things. But the two women were like oil and water. Although there was no table tossing during this discussion, neither woman would back down. And to end things, Yandy just walked away.

Although most of the cast was on St. Maarten, Bianca needed to get ready for an upcoming performance and asked Hennessy to help her out. In case you forgot who Hennessy was, she's Cardi B's little sister, and appeared a few episodes of Love & Hip Hop while Cardi was on the show.

While the two shopped at a risqué lingerie shop, they dished on what was happening in NYC while Hennessy was in school. After Bianca dished all the drama, it was clear that she was upset that Mariahlynn still agreed to go to St. Maarten without her, and intended to have a serious talk with ML when she came back.

Meanwhile, Navarro thought he was still in the dog house with Ashley, but she admitted that she was in the wrong. She invited him to her doctor's appointment to talk things out. Navarro pointed out that they need to be able to work together on their business and their relationship. But Ashley wanted them to work on their growing family before anything else.

Be sure to tune in next week to see what else goes down on St. Maarten and in the Big Apple.



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