Love and Hip Hop couldn't end its eighth season without a little more controversy, and last night's (March 12) episode certainly didn't disappoint in the drama department.

While we knew Safaree's quest for love wasn't successful in New York this season, we learned that he did get busy with more than just Dreamdoll. No, it wasn't with Juju, though she did have a lot to say about him, which we'll get to later. It was actually Mariahlynn.

Host Nina showed a never-before-seen clip of Mariahlynn's special bubble bath meeting with the rapper and producer. Apparently it was her way of showing him even more interest in getting on the "Paradise (Remix)." While Safaree didn't really have a thing for ML, his hormones went wild and he joined her for a kiss in the tub.

Although it looked pretty steamy, Mariahlynn admitted that she also wanted to stick it to Dreamdoll during their feud. But made sure to emphasize that it was only a kiss, nothing more.

Meanwhile, Safaree was dumbfounded. Although he claims he doesn't regret anything, he clearly didn't know how to react to the footage. You couldn't tell if he was embarrassed because his mom would see it, or because Juju saw it. It was probably a little of both. Dreamdoll, however, wasn't fazed by it. And since she and Safaree finally buried the hatchet, she just let that one slide.

One person the scene obviously didn't sit well with was Juju. Although she was still working through the heartbreak and split from Cam'ron, Juju opened up about her growing friendship with Safaree. But she also made it clear that she wanted a man to "come correct" if he wanted to get with her. And after seeing that one, it was clear that Safaree wasn't ready for a woman like her.

She also addressed the rumors of a romance, and she assured everyone that they were just friends. And more importantly, she cleared the air about the move he made during her play's rehearsal. They definitely didn't kiss, and Remy Ma admitted that she made sure that nothing happened. After seeing the scene unfold, she texted Juju about the situation. Remy says she likes Safaree but definitely doesn't want him with her friend.

Although Jacquae was in the hot seat about seeing Anais' goods during their trip to St. Maarten, he and Kiyanne seemed to be on good terms. But the only problem was that he was still stuck in the middle of the beef between his girl and one of his best friends, Bri. And although the two ladies started bickering again during the show, he made it clear that he hasn't really spoken to his friend in a while, and that he was going to stay by his woman's side.

Although the controversy between Jacquae and Anais was over and done with, that didn't mean that she was out of the hot seat.

During the final part of the reunion, Anais got into some issues with Ashley's sister, Ayisha. The two continued to bicker throughout the show and called each other dirty rats. But what tossed Anais further into a bad light was her heavy exchange with Juju. While they discussed Anais' lack of participation in St. Maarten, Juju called the singer out for not respecting the fact that they were around children while Anais confronted Yandy. No matter how hard Anais tried to get a word in, Juju shut her down.

And with that, another season of Love and Hip Hop in New York City has come to an end.


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