Monday night's episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York was full of the usual drama.

Now that Mariahlynn and James R. are completely done, she's focused on being the rapper on top. But she believed that one thing was in her way — her appearance. So when Remy Ma stopped by the studio they both recorded in to talk about collaborating, Mariahlynn opened up about getting plastic surgery. Remy warned her not to feed into all the criticism on social media. But if she wanted to get her breasts or butt done because she wanted to, then Remy would support her.

After thinking about it, she decided to go down to Florida to meet Dr. Miami for what looked like a consultation. But it seemed that all those tests that the doctor said she needed to go through were done really quickly because we soon saw her on the operating table and getting anesthesia. Mariahlynn was going to do get the breast augmentation that she's wanted for some time. Now we'll just have to see what it will look like later this season.

Rich Dollaz and Anais have been creeping around. But despite all the fun, the two had to discuss the fact that Anais was still married. So she brought it up during one of their dates, and Rich kind of hesitated about sticking up for his woman. But it was clear that his lust took over his practicality; and so the discussion turned into one steamy session in Rich's backseat.

Anais Tells Ashley She's Being Fired

Ever since Safaree found out about his uncle's death, he had been taking a backseat on the show. However DJ Self wanted to make sure that he was OK and stopped by the basketball courts to watch Safaree miss easy shots that we knew he could make. Safaree told his friend about how painful it was to see his mother refusing to see her late brother during the funeral. And Self tried to lift Safaree out of his slump by opening up about his own mother's death. Although Self was still dealing with the loss, he explained that he moves forward to honor his mom and that Safaree could do the same for his uncle. After that chat, Safaree dove into his music and did a show wowed the crowd.

As we saw on last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop, Jaquae kicked Sophia Body out of his house for stilling hanging out with James. Sophia felt a little bad for what happened so she meet up with her ex to smooth things over. However at that point, Jaquae was over her lies and didn't want to have anything to do with her, especially when she expected him to apologize for kicking her out.

Now that Jaquae was out of her life, Sophia ran back to James. She was freaking out over the fact that her dog got sick and went through a lot. Even though she was very dramatic, James, who already had a thing for her, ate it all up and came to her rescue when he told her to move in with him. And considering no one knows where Sophia's been staying all this time, she gladly accepted.

Remy and Papoose have been enjoying their successes as a couple and on their own projects. But there's still that one issue that's been giving them problems -- having a child. And when Remy asked her husband if he found a doctor, he became defensive and told her that she really didn't want to have a child. Remy would take that response and fought back. The two started arguing, and it's still not clear whether or not they will actually have a baby. But we're hoping the best for them.

Be sure to tune in next week to see if Remy and Papoose do make it to the doctor's office.

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