After watching the ups and downs of this season on Love & Hip Hop, it finally came to an end last night (February 26) with the season finale.

Since he didn't have luck in Hollywood, Safaree came back to New York City in order to find love. And although things didn't work out with Dreamdoll, Safaree thought he would be able to spark something with Juju. But unlike his past conquests, he took his time with Juju. When she went through her breakup with Cam'ron, Safaree was there for her and walked her into the single life. As the season continued, they got closer. Safaree even got the lead male role in Juju's play.

When Bianca failed to show up to rehearsal, Juju took over her part. And when they practiced the scene, he went in for the full kiss. Unfortunately, Juju didn't reciprocate. Of course, Safaree tried to laugh it off, but we know he was embarrassed.

But that didn't stop him from doing some good. After all the recording and production was done, Safaree finally released his "Paradise Remix" and celebrated the single release with a party. Before letting everyone hear it, he announced that the single raised $5,000 for St. Maarten. Everyone seemed to love the track, except Bri, who realized that her verse was replaced by Kiyanne. She was definitely not having it and confronted her and everyone else at the party.

Of course, this started a rumble between the two. But it soon became clear that there were multiple people who could have stopped this from happening. First, there was Yandy. Although Safaree was the lead on the song, Yandy pointed out that she could have taken care of the business side of the song and handled the situation between Kiyanne and Bri. Then there's Rich Dollaz, who already talked to Bri about her attitude. However, after seeing this dramatic scene, who knows if he'll continue representing her.

It seems that what happened with Jacquae and Anais was still locker room talk. When the Creep Squad met up, they started to talk about Anais' "box" and vaginal rejuvenation. After hearing Rich's story, it seems that Anais got the procedure done.

Rich was clearly still salty about Anais. During Safaree's event, everyone saw that Anais and Ruben came together. And when Ruben came to the bar, Rich revealed that Anais showed her goods to Jacquae during the St. Marteen trip. However, Anais came over to diffuse the situation by call Rich a liar. And her best friend, Jonathan, also jumped in calling Rich a "vagina" in front of everyone.

With the end of the eight season, each of the cast member reflected on their time on Love & Hip Hop. Safaree and Juju may not have been lucky in love but they're still hopeful. Mariahlynn and Bri dealt with a lot of issues this season, but they're focused on their getting to the top.

Rich vowed to drink more seltzer and stay away from married women. Anais realized that her husband and family were her rock and now she's ready to come back better than ever.

Jonathan went through his own relationship drama, but he's not letting that get him down. Yandy may have had to deal a lot of things without her husband, but she's positive that things will get better. And finally, Remy Ma has been on the top of her music game, and now she's ready to have a baby with Papoose and started IVF treatments.

"To all the pretty brown girls, keep your head up. Do not let the drama bring you down," she said in closing.

Be sure to tune in next week to find out what happens during the the Love & Hip Hop reunion!


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