The second part of the Love & Hip Hop season five reunion episode aired last night (April 13) and despite it being the last time that most cast members would see each other, the drama still exploded. If you saw last week's initial reunion, you know the arguments, accusations and Erica Mena's low-blow comments were just the icing on the reality TV show cake. So let's get right to it.

Last week's episode ended with the speculation that Rich Dollaz and Diamond Strawberry had sex in the bathroom of a restaurant in episode 12. And while producers aired some never-before-heard audio, Rich claims that no sex (or anything else) occurred behind closed doors.

Host Nina Parker asked Cisco's opinion of the bathroom moment, to which he expressed that he felt Rich was in the wrong and expected more form him. Then Nina put the question over to Lisa, Diamond's mom, who was more than willing to break it all down. She tells Cisco that he should have never hooked up with Diamond if he wasn't ready and refrain from being mad at Rich for jumping in because, as she said, "Karma is a motherf---er."

Although Lisa isn't happy about Diamond's decision to move to the Big Apple, she said she supports her daughter no matter what happens. According to Diamond, seeking a relationship with Rich wasn't payback for what Cisco did. Instead, she just responded to Rich's niceness by latching on to him because she was vulnerable.

When Nina brings up that time in episode 13 when Diamond told everyone in the club that Rich was her man, all Diamond can say to that was she "was trippin'." What made this part even more interesting is the fact that the spotlight quickly shifts from Diamond's craziness to Rich's sleaziness by getting with Cisco's old girl. The two men start arguing, and of course, Jhonni Blaze, who was also onstage, can't help but put in her two cents in.

Jhonni is apparently still very angry at Rich over his antics and his back and forth between herself and Diamond. When Nina starts talking about the bathroom audio during the clip of Diamond and Jhonni's fight at the bar, the singer can't hold it in and she lashes out at Diamond. Jhonni attempts to lunge at her and has to be taken away by security before she starts throwing punches at not only Diamond but also Lisa.

If there was one consistent storyline that really brought many viewers back every week, it was the love triangle among Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace. After watching a recap of what transpired over the season, Amina admits she is moving on but is still in love with Peter. He reveals he is still in love with both women. With Amina and Peter clearly over, Nina asks Tara if she feels vindicated, to which she replies no. Tara feels that she got the low end of the stick despite being so loyal to Peter for so long.

Tara also mentions that if the tables were turned, Peter wouldn't be able to hand it and he agrees. So who does Nina bring out to spice things up? Orrin, who is Amina's friend and music collaborator. He's also her former flame. Amina reveals that they've known each other for about 13 years and once dated till Orrin cheated on her. And although it was pointed out that Orrin flirted with Amina despite being engaged, he and Amina only have a professional relationship.

Love & Hip Hop may have unleashed a lot of drama this past season, but last night's episode proved that there can be some humor in it when the "Creep Squad" was introduced. With Peter, Cisco and Rich all being members, the men defend their player status while just about everyone else boos them about it.

While it seems that Erica's clips were nonexistent on this episode, Nina was clearly just saving the best for later. Erica was a big part of the show and its drama so it only makes sense there is a section dedicated to the fact that she's officially leaving Love & Hip Hop. In this exclusive interview with executive producer Mona Scott-Young, which began last week, Erica explains some details of her summer nuptials to Shad Moss and why she's leaving.

"It's time to grow, and it's time to do my own thing," Erica says.

As Erica starts to break down in tears and talk about how much Love & Hip Hop helped her grow and change as a person, some members of the audience -- like Rich and Cyn -- don't look sympathetic. And when asked about how he felt about Erica's departure, Rich commends her for bowing out when she did. However, he said that she was already retreating in season five yet the show flourished. So while she ended up leaving the show, Love & Hip Hop will still continue on without her.

While Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris didn't have an infidelity problem like other people on the show did, Yandy had a problem with Mendeecees' former assistant Remy, whom she ended up firing on the show. While Remy said her piece about admiring Yandy and her career, she was looking all kinds of creepy. However, things got more interesting when Kimbella gets into the mix. Kimbella and Remy almost come to blows but security jumps in before the two women can engage in a cat fight.

The episode ends on a high note with all of the cast mates onstage sharing their final thoughts of season five. While it's clear that the Amina-Peter-Tara love triangle may not be done yet and Chrissy is still hoping Chink will get that divorce, Yandy announces that she and Mendeecees will get married and their wedding will be broadcast live on VH1 on May 25.

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