After many weeks of shouting matches, tears and punches, the fifth season of Love & Hip Hop came to a close last week. Now it's time for the infamous reunion episode and if you thought the show itself was a riot, wait until you see what goes down on the first part of the reunion.

Before host Nina Parker got down to business with the cast, she informed everyone that Erica Mena was not coming to the show that evening. Instead, Mena did a one-on-one interview with Mona Scott-Young, where she explained that she was going to let Chrissy Monroe, Cyn Santana and Rich Dollaz have their 15 minutes of fame and say their piece. As she put it, their "time is limited," she'll just be on her way to "prosper and grow."

Starting with her relationship with Cyn, Erica calls her out for "playing the victim" when she claims that Cyn was nothing but. She also reveals that Cyn needs the reality show to move forward, but her ex disagrees. The redhead says their relationship ended because of all the lying that Erica did in addition to showing her true colors -- she wasn't a great person. Cyn is absolutely done with Erica, which prompts Nina to invite Cyn's new (but really old) boo Ray onstage. She admits that she's very much in love with Ray.

The next storyline under the microscope is Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris. They were clearly the fairy tale lovebirds on the show. However, reunion episodes aren't without drama. So Nina brings up the problems that they went through, like when Mendeecees told Yandy that their Lil Mendeecees was in the hospital and the situation with Samantha, the boy's birth mother. The latter actually starts some heat on the stage and there could have potentially been a fight between Mendeecees' mom and Samantha's mom again, but luckily Nina shuts it down and no water is thrown.

Moving on, Rich and Jhonni Blaze's "relationship" is in the spotlight. Jhonni admits that she's still in love with him but she's getting over it. However, Rich swears he was in it only for the business and the hook up. Then topic briefly moves toward Precious Paris. Rich quickly says that she was never fully signed to his company, Dollaz Unlimited, so there's no reason for her to have fired him. However, that conversation quickly ends as Jhonni begins calling Rich out again and then points her finger at Diamond Strawberry, who was sitting offstage. Jhonni gets so heated that producers have to calm her down on the couch. Then all the shouting moves from Jhonni and Diamond to Diamond and Cisco.

The show continues with an update on the Chrissy and Chink Santana situation, which completely fell apart last week when it looked like they were finished for good. Chink says he loves her as a friend, but it seems like that's it for him. However, Chrissy really still loves him and admits that she'd take him back if he divorced his wife. Although that conversation is over for this episode, Nina isn't done with Chrissy just yet. She plays Erica's words for her, and they are beyond harsh. Erica calls her "a pathetic, ran threw, can't have a child to save her life whore," which makes everyone in the crowd gasp in shock. Chrissy brushes it off like it ain't no thing.

Nina then brings Diamond and Cisco onstage, along with both of their mothers, to talk about what went down with their relationship. Cisco admits that he actually didn't think Diamond would show up in New York City, and the conversation then moves towards him accusing her of calling her daughter a dog. However, as you see on the playback, it was Cisco who said that. However, Erica calls her out on that and says she is pathetic, which pushes Jhonni to just respond to it all.

Diamond was called out for leaving her daughter in California, but she reveals that her daughter is now living with her and that everyone "can suck on one." Cisco spoke briefly about about losing his brother, which caused him to be "in a really bad f---ed up space." Cyn got emotional and ran offstage after he began speaking about his late sibling. While we all know that they're clearly not together, it was acknowledged that they did form a bond on the show even though it's platonic.

The episode ends with the question of what really went on in the bathroom with Diamond and Rich during episode 12. And while Nina reveals the producers have audio from that night, Diamond throws out information that leaves everyone with a cliffhanger. Tune in next week to find out if they did or didn't get it on in the bathroom.

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