Kiyanne and Jacquae are great when things are good, but the only issue is Kiyanne's temper. And while no one can fault her for being protective over her feelings, their time in St. Marteen made Jacquae question their relationship.

When Kiyanne arrived on the island, Jacquae thought she could play nice with his "sister" Bri. But from the moment she sat down, the claws came out. Kiyanne was still mad that Bri questioned who the father of Kiyanne's baby was on social media. While Bri was wrong for doing that, Kiyanne threw a harsh low blow when she told Bri to start saying goodbye to her grandmother because she's going to do die any day now. Bri instantly lifted the table and tried to flip it on Kiyanne. She was quickly taken away.

Kiyanne could have just walked away, but she continued to yell and fight security. Jacquae couldn't deal and left. Meanwhile, Kiyanne's anger ignited more when she was essentially being dragged toward the beach and had the staff chase her around.

As for Jacquae and Anais, apparently they were hanging out with a bunch of people. But by the end of the night, the two were left in her room, and Anais decided to share her goods with him. While he swore nothing happened, he knew he had to come clean with Kiyanne. So after chatting with the Creep Squad, he met with Kiyanne in Central Park.

After seeing how Kiyanne responded to Sophia Body's attempt at making peace with Jacquae, there's no way anyone thought she would take his night with Anais very well, and she didn't.

As the Creep Squad watched, he told her what happened, and it looked like she could easily have knocked him out. But instead she kept walking away. Things didn't get better when she realized his boys were there to watch. But Jacquae was determined to make things right and get her forgiveness. She just wasn't ready to give it to him yet.

Meanwhile, back on St. Marteen, Mariahlynn and Bri's conflict was still on the table. But during Yandy's dinner, they were going to sort things out once and for all. Despite Safaree's outburst and departure from the drama, Mariahlynn and Bri laid everything out on the table.

In the end, they realized that Bianca and Dreamdoll's issues weren't theirs, and that they really should call a truce. Although it looked like that beef was over, Remy Ma wasn't too sure about it and expressed her concerns to Mariahlynn when they met back in New York. Remy wanted to look out for her girl and also told Mariahlynn to get her act together so that her career wouldn't suffer.

Finally, Rich Dollaz had been trying to keep a low profile since his tryst with Anais. However, when he told his mom about a seizure he had because his sugar was too low, it was clear that Rich had a hard journey ahead. While his mother was very concerned, she told him that they needed to be more mindful about how his health was doing and take things day by day.

We're nearing the end of this season of Love & Hip Hop. Be sure to tune in again next week and see what happens next for the New York City cast.


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