After all the fights that went down in last week's episode, we're hoping for a little more love this week.

And it looks like Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris are moving in that direction. After Yandy fired Mendeecees' assistant, Remy, he had to sit down his lady to find out why she did that. And although he didn't initially agree with the termination, he supported the decision.

The conversation move to the baby shower, and they seem to be on different pages regarding it. Yandy wants a cute and girly day affair while Mendeecees is hoping it'll turn into a block party thing afterward. But worse news comes when Yandy finds out that her dad has to get emergency surgery because of another blood clot that's in his leg, which could result in the amputation of it. And while this scene could have ended poorly, Mendeecees reassures Yandy that her dad will pull through and that they could help him move up to New York so she can take care of him. Not only does this news calm Yandy down, but it also shows her another reason why she loves her Mendeecees.

Meanwhile, Cyn Santana stopped by her new friend and producer Cisco Rosado to hear how the track that they did for her suicide awareness event sounds. And after listening to the tune, they talked about how he's been doing since splitting with Diamond Strawberry.

However, he throws her a curve ball by saying that he was grateful that Rich Dollaz introduced them, which turned from an ordinary conversation to Cisco trying to kick it to Cyn. Awkward! During the cringeworthy moment, Cyn tells Cisco to play the song again to avoid the conversation.

Cisco tries to save the situation by bringing Cyn roses to her charty event and lays out his emotions. And although she's flattered, this isn't the right time, especially right before she's about to perform her new song for the first time.

After her performance, Cyn and Precious Paris meet up. Paris informs Cyn that she's leaving Rich's management and will go with her former one. After that bombshell, Paris asks about the Cisco situation. And although Cyn admits that Cisco may have come on a little strongly at the event, she does think there might be something there.

After the club fight between Diamond Strawberry and Jhonni Blaze at Tara Wallace's company opening party last week, Rich confronted Diamond about the infamous brawl. After it seems like this conversation will go nowhere but escalate, Diamond starts to break down and tell Rich that she's sacrificed a lot moving to New York for Cisco and thinking it'll work out. Then when it didn't, she quickly latched onto Rich, which she apologized for, and hopes they could be friends.

However, Rich isn't seeing that as a good idea but wishes her luck on her road to making things better for herself. Now that he's passed that hurdle with Diamond, he, of course, meets another one when Paris tells him, Cyn and Chrissy Monroe that there's been news leaking that Jhonni is dropping a sex tape and asked if it's Rich, who is in it. He's not, but he definitely needs to get to the bottom of this situation.

Meanwhile, Jhonni comes clean about it on her longtime friend Jazzie Belle's show. Tara, who's there for support and to listen in, wasn't aware of this and is worried about her client. But what worries her more is the fact that Jhonni admits to being in love with Rich, who's her manager. While she's all for love connections, Tara doesn't think (and we don't either) that Rich feels the same. So they two finally meet up, and things do not go well. She says she loves him, but then he doesn't return the sentiment. And this leads her to say that they can be messing around anymore. We'll see how long that one lasts.

In this week's episode, we see a different side of Chink Santana. We get to meet his father, who has been mentioned in previous episodes, as we learned of his ongoing health problems. But before that, the producer stops by his mother's grave, which he does every time he's in Washington, D.C., then goes to his dad's place to see how he's been doing health-wise. Despite their talk about how long he has left, his dad says that he would like to meet Chink's new lady Chrissy if that's important to him, which is something that he was happy to hear.

So he gets Chrissy to hop in a car that's headed to D.C. so she could meet him. But since she's unaware of this, at first, they get into a bit of an argument. However, it's quickly smoothed over when he reveals the news. When she meets his dad, Chrissy can't help but get emotional. And while the fact that Chink is technically still married comes up, his dad tells them that they need to fight together, not each other, for their relationship to work. And hopefully they heed his sagely advice.

Tune back next week to see how these characters keep the drama going. And hopefully we'll get a little bit of Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly, who were out of this episode, thrown into the mix.

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