In a new mini-doc by Absolut Vodka, Cee Lo Green shares the secrets of his ever-growing success. Check out the sleek black-and-white two-part 'Distilled' doc for his wisdom, exclusive performance footage, cameos from Goodie Mob and Busta Rhymes and just a tad of product placement.

The rapper-turned-singer gives fans the back story to his song, 'F--- You,' recalling how it hit the airwaves during Cee Lo's flight to London and by the time he landed, "It was a hit record." On a touching note, the southern gentleman tributes his mom, whose death has profoundly effected him: "My entire career is my mother's work for me."

Taking some jabs at the "boring" state of music today, Cee Lo delivers some epic, self-assured quips. "We must set a higher standard for our art," he says, adding a comment about his cross-genre success. "I wasn't born a poet to be passive."

See Cee Lo and his newest incarnation when he plays Raekwon's father in an upcoming Wu-Tang Clan biopic.

Watch 'Cee Lo Distilled' Part I

Watch 'Cee Lo Distilled' Part II

Watch Cee Lo's 'Gettin' Grown'

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