Roc Nation singer Bridget Kelly has released a second single, 'Seek & Destroy,' from her forthcoming digital EP debut, 'Every Girl,' which drops on Wednesday (Oct. 19).

The song, which was penned by The-Dream and produced by Shea Taylor, follows up her Frank Ocean-written lead single 'Thinking About Forever,' issuing a strong warning to wayward boyfriends.

"You better not f--- this up/ 'Cause I don't need the drama boy," the 25-year-old New York native sings. "You better not f--- this up/ Don't ask for my love if you ain't sure/ You better not f--- this up/ Baby, 'cause I been here before/ You better not f--- this up/ Don't make my heart a seek and destroy."

"The direction has really become much more of an emotional-driven album as opposed to it being sonically rock," Kelly told Rap-Up TV, regarding her full-length debut, which will also feature collaborations with Ne-Yo and songwriter James Fauntleroy. "I think it's a lot more vibey. I think a lot of the records that we have are still very aggressive, but they're representing a much more fragile side of me, as well as an aggressive side, and not so angry, in-your-face as I wanted to be before."

Check out Bridget Kelly's 'Seek & Destroy' below, and her five-song EP 'Every Girl' will be available for download on Wednesday via

Listen to 'Seek & Destroy'

Watch The-Dream's 'Rockin' That Thang'

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