Last week, Teairra got the surprise of the season when she walked into what she thought was going to be a party A.D. was throwing for Moniece but actually was an intervention for her. The moment she realized what was happening, she quickly left the situation. Moniece and Trevia Williams, one of the executive producers, quickly followed. Teairra instantly got defensive, said she was being ambushed and blamed that everyone was trying to just bring her down. Despite all the negative words she threw at Moniece and their issues in the past, she still tried to convince Teairra to come back in. And she did so and was willing to talk only if Nia and Fizz left the room. They obliged, and Teairra sat but didn't want to listen.

However things seemed to take a different turn when the one leading the intervention admitted that she was a recovering alcoholic and understood what Teairra must be feeling. Once she heard this, Tea's walls started to come down. She revealed that she's been having a drink every day for the last three to four years. But despite all of this, Moniece, Trevia, Nikki and A.D. expressed their love and support for her. Teairra was offered to go to a facility in San Francisco for 90 days. She refused this but agreed to do 30 instead. Although everyone hoped that she was going to do the three months, they were relieved that she agreed to any period of time.

Moniece helped Teairra pack her things. And the two proved that no matter what craziness they went through together, they had each other's backs.

Brooke had been using her old friend, Booby, to make Marcus jealous since she found out he was cheating on her with the paralegal. Marcus thought it was just a joke until A-1 told him that Brooke brought Booby to Lyrica's listening party, and it looked more than just pretend. So Marcus crashed her session with Booby and called her out for all the shady things she was doing with Booby. But Brooke stood her ground, even in tears, and called Marcus out for all the embarrassment he caused her with the cheating and delayed divorce. Once it was clear that Marcus was done with Brooke, who was there to save her? Booby. While wiping away her tears, the two expressed their love for one another with a kiss.

Alexis came into this season with one mission in mind -- face Masika. But since she refused to show up, Alexis had to come at all of Masika's friends to get to her actual target. And since then, there had been a growing rivalry between the two women's squads. However after Zell decided to mess up Misster Ray's party by having a rival one at the other side of the club, they all realized that the issues everyone had with Alexis weren't their own issues and everyone started to apologize to each other. And after that dust settled, Alexis had her eyes set on finally confront Masika.

And how did she do that? She crashed Masika's show. Even though Alexis came in nicely, Masika quickly tried to pounce and was quickly taken away. But Alexis followed and tried to talk to the girl. Meanwhile, Zell found that as an opportunity to attack Ray, which resulted in Moniece's face to the ground. There goes her season of not being a hot mess.

Finally Bridget's collaboration with Ray was going smoothly -- at least in her mind. Unfortunately Brooke and later her boyfriend, James, didn't think that sexing up her image was going to do her any good. In fact, it could kill her career. And considering Bridget was still working on gaining James' trust back after cheating on him, the song she and Ray recorded wasn't something he wanted to hear. Things went downhill after James saw what the video shoot looked like. He spoke with Ray, who instantly had to jet because Princess was ovulating and they had to make babies. And by the end of it, James promised he would have a new plan for Bridget.

What's James' new plan? Tune in next week to find out.

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