After Bridget and Booby ended up in Catalina together in last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, it wouldn't be too long till Brooke found out about the getaway. But before she discovered the trip, Brooke was disappointed and a little embarrassed to find out that the song she had Donatella listen to for an upcoming showcase had Bridget's vocals on it. But she kept things professional and promised to let Donatella hear a new song at another meeting. However she wanted to know why Bridget would be on a track Marcus wrote for her.

Promising that the two wouldn't get physical, Bridget and Brooke confronted one another at Lyrica's showcase. While no drinks or punches were thrown, the ladies started verbally coming at each other. Brooke accused her of trying to steal her song. And by the end of it, Bridget pulled out her big weapon -- the fact that she went to Catalina with Booby. Brooke may have been trying to mend things with Marcus, but that didn't mean she wasn't upset by the fact her close friend hooked up with her new enemy. However that didn't push her to the point of getting physical. Instead, she just walked away.

Speaking of Lyrica's showcase, she warned Solo Lucci about bringing Chanel West Coast to her concert because Alexis was definitely coming. Since he has been seeing Chanel for a minute and things were going well, Solo wanted to make things right. So he brought the two women together to talk things out. But Chanel and Alexis could sniff out the fact that Solo was also trying to turn them into one big happy threesome. While Chanel liked Solo, she wasn't down with that. And Alexis was done with her ex.

But what surprised everyone was the fact that Chanel and Alexis came to Lyrica's party together to confront A-1 and Ray about their bets regarding Hazel-E. A-1 made a quick exit to find his wife while Ray did his best to his best to fend for himself.

And speaking of Ray, Fizz had been on a mission to get B2K together. And after meeting with Apryl, who didn't think it was the best of ideas, Fizz went ahead and though Ray would be a good fit for the group. But this would definitely make Omarion mad because he was the group's lead singer. Meanwhile, it seemed like Ray was really digging the idea, despite the fact the people around him thought he was crazy.

Lyrics had a great showcase, and people were really responding to her music. And this meant the world to her not just because she was in the spotlight with new music, but it's also because the album was dedicated to his late twin sister. And while many of us were unaware of Lyrica's sibling, we learned just how much Lyrica cared for her, especially after she, A-1 and her mom went to visit her sister's grave.

And lastly, Masika finally found out about the diss track Alexis and Zell recorded. Although she made fun of the song, she's over all the drama. So Moniece decided to take it into her own hands and served Alexis with papers. Alexis thought it was all a joke, ripped off the papers and threw it at Moniece. Unfortunately for her, that won't look good when she's called to court in the future.

And Masika was done with all the shade coming her way. And things exploded when she was at Donatella's show rehearsal after Hazel walked onto the stage. The two women were trying to ignore each other but couldn't handle it anymore. So she ran towards Hazel and pulled her weave. Although Hazel looked unfazed after the fight, it was obvious she was hurt.

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