As we mentioned in the last episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, A.D. was stuck in the middle of the feud between Moniece and Tiffany. And last night (August 28), A.D. pleaded with both women to sit down and talk things out. But the conversation quickly turned sour when Tiffany called Moniece out for never really being a lesbian and said her relationship with A.D. was out of convenience. Obviously Moniece held her ground and fought back, which eventually made things worse for her relationship with A.D.

As we've seen in past season, Moniece was always a fireball. So it's unsurprising that she got into fight with another cast member. Although Masika and Nia were Team Moniece, Lyrica was becoming better friends with Alexis. And that meant betrayal in Moniece's eyes, which she wasn't shy about sharing. But Lyrica stood her ground and was even ready to defend herself when it seemed like Moniece was ready to get into a fight.

After Cisco's Creep Squad ways were revealed to Amber and Teairra in the last episode, you'd think he would try to make things better. But once a creep, always a creep. So Teairra hoped to talk it out with Cisco but found him hooking up with Amber. Teairra was ready to let it go, but Cisco begged for her to stay. This, of course, made Amber made. But when she tried to run for the door, Cisco asked her to stay. It's clear he wanted both women, but neither Amber nor Teairra weren't into that arrangement.

And finally, Ray J and Princess were still on a mission to have a child. But it seemed that Ray was avoiding Princess. Meanwhile Ray tried to cover it up by booking a hotel room that was originally for Bridget Kelly's photo shoot and also used to for his baby making session with Princess. Both women eventually found out and were made, especially Princess. However her worries about Ray not being ready were relieved when he finally came out with the real reason he's been avoiding his wife -- his low sperm count. While some might find that admission weird, Princess was actually happy that it was the reason because that meant Ray was trying to see what he could to ensure they start their family.

Be sure to tune in next week to find out what happens next.

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