Following an explosive first half of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood season four reunion special, the second part of the show proved to be just as ridiculous as the previous one. Picking up with Zell and Misster Ray's confrontation, it seemed like they were going to make up. But Zell had other plans and hit Ray in front of everyone. The stage was overtaken by security and producers. Zell was taken out of the building while Ray put himself back together. Although he was ready to hit back, A-1 talked some sense into him and calmed Ray down.

However following the altercation, everyone interrogated Alexis on whether or not she was making fun of the fact that Ray was attacked. She claimed that she was laughing at Zell's antics, but if you watch the video, you may just think otherwise.

That wasn't the only rumble went down at the reunion show. Nikki and Masika almost went at it when they started bad mouthing each other, but that was quickly diffused by security. Then during Cisco's time in the spotlight, he almost threw a pillow at Moniece, who's still salty about the fact that Cisco got into the middle of her relationship with Rich Dollaz. But luckily, no fluffy objects were destroyed on this episode.

One other thing we learned about Cisco was the fact that he and Nikki may have gotten physical at some point. There were no details, and Nikki completely denied it. So who knows.

Finally, Brooke, Marcus and Booby were in the hot seat regarding their little love triangle. After all the back-and-forth, here's what we learned. Brooke and Marcus were still working things out and weren't engaged at that point. She hasn't slept with anyone in a long time and plans to do so with the man she marries. Both Brooke and Bridget were single when Booby kissed them. And finally, Keyshia was completely OK with Booby and Brooke getting romantic.

Well, there's another Love & Hip Hop Hollywood in the books. But don't worry, LHH fans, the new season of Love & Hip Hop in New York City kicks off next week. The women of the Big Apple are ready to rule the city.

But will Safaree's move back to NYC shake things up a little bit? Tune in next week to find out!

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