With so much drama to unpack in the fourth season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, host Nina jumped right into the action by bringing up the beef between Masika and Alexis. First, Alexis revealed that she was expecting, and it was Fetty Wap's baby. And to make sure Masika doesn't pounce again, Alexis was backstage as the conversation started. But the discussion about Masika and Alexis was interrupted by the fact that Solo Lucci was upset that Alexis fully believes that Fetty could be father and not think of him. But it only seemed to take a second because he said that he had other women on his ever-growing list. And at that point, Nina set the record straight between him and Chanel West Coast, who confirmed they were now just friends.

Things quickly went downhill as Masika threatened to find Alexis and punch her while Moniece and Hazel started arguing in the sidelines. With everyone standing up, Nina got out of the away as security had to take both Moniece and Hazel off the set to calm down. But it seems that Hazel was done with the reunion and decided to bounce. So Nina moved on to Moniece, her relationship with A.D. and what the deal was with Tiffany. Moniece and A.D., who came to the show matching, revealed they're together and fight just like any other couple did. However Tiffany was still not a fan, and A.D. asked her directly why she hated the relationship. Instead of responding, Tiffany continued to throw comments about how she thought their relationship was trash.

Things shifted something a little lighter -- Ray J and Princess. Princess had been wanting to get pregnant all season. And while they weren't expecting yet, it seemed that Ray made some life changes to ensure his body, especially the swimmers, were in top form to make this baby happen.

Keyshia and Booby were up next, and the two discussed that they were "happily single," even though Brooke didn't think Booby was happy to be single. Despite that, Keyshia and Booby explained that they were a happy family. Although they weren't in love, there would always be love because of their son.

Bridget was in the hot seat next. First, they discuss her transition from "aunty music" to the THOT track with Ray. But it quickly switched gears towards her fidelity and relationship with James. And by the end of the conversation, it was clear that she and James wouldn't get back together.

After all the drama Fizz dealt with in the relationship department, the reunion presented his problems getting B2K back together. And in the end of the it all, he admitted that he felt Omarion was on his high horse and won't be able to make it on his own. And it was clear that Omarion's silence regarding the reunion made Fizz mad. And what about Ray? Even though that didn't work, he had love for everyone in B2K.

And to end this part of the reunion, Zell and MisterRay were in the spotlight. The two discussed the beef and fat shaming. And after everyone learned that there was no actual reason why Zell hated MisterRay, Nina thought they could come to a truce. Zell was going to seal that with a hug, but instead he slapped MisterRay so hard that he bled.

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