After Brooke and Booby shared a kiss, the two have started to get closer. But while Booby looked like he's all in, Brooke was still on the fence. Initially her connection with Booby was just a way to get back a Marcus, but it seemed that she was more invested. Unfortunately for her, there's another woman who's got her eye on Booby. And that is Hazel-E After a bad meeting between her current baby boo and her mom, she considered keeping her options open and then drifted back to that time she hung out with Booby. After telling Chanel West Coast, who's apparently her new best friend, Hazel and Chanel decided to go to Booby's showcase where they crossed paths with Brooke. Soon after Hazel tried to kick to him, Brooke jumped in and attempted to diffuse the situation. But of course, Hazel wouldn't back down, and the two started fighting.

After the brawl was separated, Booby came to Brooke's rescue once again and made sure she got home okay. Meanwhile, Keyshia had been getting her life together and really moving on after her ex, Booby, left her house. But according to Zell and her cousin, that meant that she needed to start dating. Although she was apprehensive, Keyshia went along with it. Unfortunately, the date quickly went south, especially after Keyshia found out that the man became her date because he reached out to her cousin via social media. After the date ended, it was clear that even though Keyshia was ready to date, the man needed to be worthy of her time.

After dealing with Teairra went to rehab, things started to settle down for Moniece again. But then A.D. revealed that she wanted her girlfriend to model A.D.'s new clothing line. There was only one catch -- Tiffany had to be there, too. A.D. pleaded with Moniece and somehow convinced her to put away her prejudices and learn to be civil with Tiffany. Moniece agreed, but Tiffany didn't have that same plan. From the moment she stepped onto set, Tiffany came after Moniece and revealed that A.D. had mentioned that she was ready to break up with Moniece at one point. This obviously caught Moniece off guard, and the couple were on the rocks once again.

Because of all the drama entering Moniece's life again, Fizz had to step in for the sake of their son and told her that he needed to take Cameron away from all of this. She, of course, didn't agree.

Tune in next week and find out what happens on the show next.

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