As we approach the end of the year, it looks like Bridget Kelly won't release her long-awaited debut album, 'Something Different.' However, the R&B songbird does plan to unveil some new music to hold us down.

The 'Special Delivery' singer announced that she will release her new project -- a five-song free EP, 'Cut to... Bridget Kelly' -- next month.

Despite not releasing an album this year, Kelly did drop the buzzworthy single 'Street Dreamin'' featuring Kendrick Lamar. She also just wrapped up a brief tour with fellow singers Melanie Fiona and Elijah Blake.

As for the album, Kelly says it’s done. The next step for her is to keep building her fan base and release her EP.

"Going through the selection process, I realized there were so many more songs I wanted to put out," she tells CocoaFab. "So I decided to 'cheat' and put some more material out."

"Plus, I wanna build with my fans some more," she continued. "There’s been so many breaks and not enough consistency with a strong flow of music so I’m putting out five new songs on my website just to throw out to the atmosphere. Let the fans see what they love and figure out what they want to hold on to."

Her EP, 'Cut to... Bridget Kelly,' will be available for free on Dec. 10 and can be downloaded through her official website.