Vice sat down with members of the Wu-Tang Clan after a concert in London and asked a few left-field questions pertaining to social and political issues that hip-hop constantly grapples with.

While Method Man chimes in with a couple of responses, the bulk of the questions are addressed to Ghostface Killah and U-God, who have both released albums in 2013. Instead of being asked about 'Twelve Reasons to Die,' or even about his upcoming 'Supreme Clientele 2' album which is in the works, Ghostface is asked about his stance on President Obama and about the "gay rap scene."

Ghostface's response regarding Obama is candid: "Obama’s just a puppet—he’s a puppet in a chair [...] People just voted him in because he's black. They don’t even know why they were voting for him—whether he was right or wrong." Speaking on specific policies, Ghostface says, "The gay marriage law—you think it’s fucked up? When he’s gone, they’ll blame it on him: the black president. He’s gonna be known as the first motherf--king black president [who] killed Osama and Gaddafi. Some of these guys were good; they were taking care of their country."

Meanwhile, when asked about the "gay rap scene," Ghostface says, "I can’t knock gay rap, or retarded rap... whatever. Do what you do; I don’t really listen to it. I don’t really pay that no attention. Like I said, it’s not my cup of tea—to each his own. At the end of the day, we all people."

U-God offers a similar response: "Personally, I don’t give a f--k if you’re gay. That’s your business. That’s your sexual preference. But don’t come over here and make me gay—you ain't gonna force something on me, see? But if you cool, you talented, and you gay? We can rock, ni--a! We can drink, we can smoke, we can laugh. But don’t try and bring that shit over here. I like titties. I like titties. I like titties. I like two pair, I like four pair of titties at one time."

But wait, before we go any further, what exactly does Vice mean by the "gay rap scene?" The term is specifically used in this interview, without any clarification. It is possible that the interviewer is specifically referring to rappers such as LE1f and Mykki Blanco, who are homosexual rappers based in New York City.

But would Ghostface or U-God know who these rappers are? It is therefore quite possible that the two are using this question to address what they feel is a lack of masculinity in the current hip-hop scene, with trends such as skinny jeans being used as an example. Ghostface's response seems to be addressed at these type of rappers, but he even seems to be talking about the lack of lyricism that he feels is being propagated by the current batch of artists.

The rest of the interview, which focuses mainly on U-God, is equally interesting, as the Wu member talks about Kanye West and calls his most recent release, 'Keynote Speaker,' his 'Illmatic.'