Hot 97 met Rap Radar as Elliott "YN" Wilson and Brian "B.Dot" Miller served as guests on the latest episode of Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sound's long-running Juan Episode podcast. The industry vets discussed everything from YN's CRWN interview series and rap blogs, to the best producers in the game and who's next from New York.

Tensions ran high when Hot 97 program director Ebro joined the conversation and squared up to B.Dot over his argument that New York DJs don't break artists like they used to. It was when B.Dot insinuated that radio DJs -- Hot 97 employees included -- accept payola when Ebro really barked on dude, even telling him he "ain't did s--t in this motherf--king game."

You can watch the heated debate with footage above and below, or enjoy the full 90-minute audio after the jump.