Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg is pretty much over Drake right now.

Yesterday (Aug. 22) on Twitter, the veteran radio personalty vented his feelings about Drizzy, saying that all of the beef he's been stirring up lately, particularly at his recent stop in Philadelphia where he openly prodded Meek Mill, is lame. Drake's words at Philly followed him dissing Meek in D.C. the day before.

Drake changed the lyrics of “Trophies” from “This a f—them-boys, forever-hold-a-grudge song” to “f—that-boy-forever, I hold a grudge son.”  He also rapped some new “Still Here” lyrics: “Man you not really from Philly and they can tell n—a.” To finish it off, he changed up the lyrics of “Back to Back.” “I did another one, I did another one / I even did this s— in Philly, man another one.”

But Rosenberg isn't amused or impressed, saying someone must be in Drake's ear, making him believe he's tougher than he is.

"disappointed in [Drake] ...someone has you really gassed bro," Rosenberg wrote on Twitter, "dissing hot in NYC, Meek in Philly...youre an actor bro..youre as soft as me."

Of course Rosenberg is referring to Drake calling out the station and Funkmaster Flex a couple of weeks ago, after he got into it with Hot 97's Ebro for saying that Drake wanted to battle Eminem. Drake didn't think it was funny, got mad and has been calling out the station and Funkmaster Flex, who he's had a longtime mini-feud with, ever since.

As for Meek Mill, Rosenberg said there was no need for Drake to go there with the rapper. After all, Drake is an actor, but Meek was really in the streets. In short, Drake is a great entertainer, Meek is a real rapper.

"There was NO need for [Drake] to reignite things with Meek," Rosenberg insisted. "He's always been realer than you...your content is MEANINGLESS."

Rosenberg finished off his thoughts by saying that Drake wouldn't even have been the toughest kid in his Hebrew school, and that the rapper should stop pretending to be something he's not.

For his part Drake hasn't responded... yet.

Check out Rosenberg's tweets below.

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