Don't mess with Hov. Hot 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg found this out the hard way when he tried to take a funny jab at Jay Z on the air. The superstar rapper let the 'Hot 97 Morning Show' host know how he really felt by calling Rosenberg on the phone, with daughter Blue Ivy in tow.

Rosenberg shared the incident on Hot 97 during one of his segments for 'The Realness.' He says that Jay called him from a blocked number as he was leaving SXSW in Austin, Texas over the weekend. Jay criticized Rosenberg for saying he was "jocking" Kanye West's career moves by doing a song with Daft Punk. Hov made some valid points he couldn't argue with.

Even more hilarious than Rosenberg getting "g checked" was the fact that Jigga made the phone call to discuss the matter while daughter Blue Ivy was apparently on his lap. The radio host relayed that he heard a baby cooing and talking in the background of the call.

Watch Rosenberg tell the story of Hov's surprise phone call above.