Public Enemy frontman Chuck D is at odds with New York radio station Hot 97. As a result, 'The Morning Show' host Peter Rosenberg is addressing his claims, which include bashing the station's annual Summer Jam concert.

The veteran hip-hopper lashed out at the station regarding Summer Jam concert, specifically stating his disappointment with the lack of New York representation and the heavy use of the N-word.

"If there was a festival and it was filled with anti-Semitic slurs... or racial slurs at anyone but black people, what do you think would happen," he asked. "Why does there have to be such a double standard?... It's just a sloppy presentation of the art form, the worst presentation known to man. It's negligent. There needs to be a greater representation of the culture and the community on that radio station."

Chuck's frustration with the new generation of rappers has been well-documented throughout the years.

On Hot 97's web series 'The Realness,' Rosenberg responded to the rap legend, and said he's merely trolling, which isn't helping hip-hop culture in the least.

"Listen, Chuck, I respect the hell out of you, but you sir are trolling and you are above that," Rosenberg says. "First of all, Chuck D has always hated radio. He hated WBLS and KISS when they were black owned, and now you hate Hot 97. Hip-Hop's doing pretty well."

"Last time I checked we had some amazing artists out there selling tons of albums. Last time I checked there are two tours selling out football stadiums with hip-hop. Not too bad. Now is hip-hop perfect? Absolutely not. But was it perfect when Chuck D was active in the game? Absolutely not."

Then Rosenberg got a little personal, and said Chuck D isn't hip-hop's official spokesperson or president.

"Check D, no one elected you president of hip-hop," he states. "We love you, you're a father of this game. You contributed. But we did not elect you president of this culture. No one owns hip-hop. I don't own hip-hop. Ebro doesn't own hip-hop. Hot 97 doesn't own hip-hop. It's a collective culture and we all do our best to support it. Speaking of which, last thing, Chuck, what are you doing to support this culture besides tweeting confusing messages in 140 characters or less?"

From there, the Public Enemy founder responded with a bunch of tweets, and invited Rosenberg and the Hot 97 staff to attend one of his lectures in Harlem. "I will speak July 12 in Harlem at Mosque #7 where Malcolm spoke," he wrote. "@Hot97 will be invited as with @Rosenbergradio if you want me on your air. Real Talk."

This surely isn't the last we'll hear of this current saga, as it looks like Chuck D, Hot 97 and Peter Rosenberg are just getting warmed up with their opposing views.

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