As everyone tries to grapple with the tragic shooting of Alton Sterling, who was shot and killed during a confrontation with police officers in Baton Rouge, La., on Tuesday (July 6), questions are being raised about the accountability of police when it comes to shooting unarmed black men.

Sterling, a 37-year old father of five, was fatally shot by Baton Rouge police outside a convenience store in an incident that was caught on a cellphone video.

In the footage, Sterling appears to be shot by an officer as he is pinned to the ground.According to NBC News, the Baton Rouge Police Department said uniformed officers responded to a call early Tuesday about a black male in a red shirt who was selling CDs and had reportedly threatened the caller with a gun. Officers saw Sterling in the parking lot of the Triple S Food Mart when an altercation ensued, according to police statement.


On Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning radio program, Peter Rosenberg went off on a police officer who appeared to be defending the cops who shot and killed Alton Sterling.

During a 15-minute diatribe about the shooting, a person claiming to be in law enforcement called the show to offer his take on why police officer had to use excessive force against unarmed suspect.

At one point, it appeared the caller was trying to justify the shooting of Sterling, to which Rosenberg had enough and went ballistic.

Fans who listened to or watched the heated exchange (see above), praised Rosenberg for speaking out on police misconduct.

"Peter Rosenberg better preach! The police need to take responsibility for this evilness!" tweeted one fan.

Another supporter commented, "Shoutout to @HOT97 and Peter Rosenberg for speaking the truth on these police officers and these incidents that's been going on lately smh."

Check out the fans' reaction to Peter Rosenberg's commentary below.

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