"Oh yeah @Rosenbergradio, you owe Mr. Chuck D and apology, and we are gonna see to it that he gets it. Publicly." Those were the exact words that rapper Jay Electronica tweeted a few days ago, in regards to the verbal spat between Public Enemy frontman Chuck D and Hot 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg.

Jay's tweet (which has since been deleted) worked because Rosenberg has apologized to the rap legend. In Rosenberg's remarks, he talks about seeing the movie 'Do the Right Thing' as a kid, which of course featured P.E.'s classic cut 'Fight the Power.'

"Now, that wasn't the first time that I heard Public Enemy, but it was the first time that Chuck D's voice truly affected me," said Rosenberg. "So to think that 25 years later I would have a voice in this culture that some people would actually listen to a little bit is truly a blessing and something I'm very thankful for."

"To have used that voice in any way to show what was perceived as public disrespect to the great Chuck D is something that I am truly regretful for. Chuck D is one of the main reasons that I'm so passionate about hip-hop in the first place. He's one of the main reasons that I seek out revolutionary music like Dead Prez or Immortal Technique or Homeboy Sandman."

In a series of tweets, Chuck responded and said his issue is with Hot 97 as a whole, not Rosenberg, but he accepts the apology anyway.

"I said before @Rosenbergradio [was] never an issue. Never personal," wrote Chuck D. "But apology accepted. He should now sit in a corner & watch. Get him some popcorn."

Last month, Chuck D and Rosenberg got into a heated debate over the state of hip-hop after the rapper said stations like Hot 97 are ruining the culture.