Wale publicly squashed his beef with Kid Cudi over Twitter a few months back, but there's more to the story than shaking hands over the Internet. The Maybach Music Group rapper recently spoke on how he mended fences with the Cleveland kid, revealing that it all started with Cudders extending the olive branch.

"Cudi just called me. He was like, 'Man, I f---s with you man, you know?' We just had a real brother conversation. It was a long conversation but a lot of things needed to be said," Wale told Complex.com. "Some of the things that he said hurt and I'm sure some of the things I've said or done probably hurt. The n---- told me what was on his mind and I respect that."

The D.C. spitter revealed that Cudi will make a cameo on his upcoming sophomore album, revealing that the track has a "Camp Lo vibe." He also explained that after patching up the feud, the two are back to being cool with one another.

"We talk all the time now. We talk about what's going on in life. The thing about me and him is we always talk about what's going on beyond music. We always used to do that and now we're back on that now," the 'Attention Deficit' creator continued.

The spar found its footing in an interview that Cudi gave to Complex magazine last year, calling him "a simple-ass rapper" and claiming that "we don't f--- with you musically." They later reconciled via Twitter and have each spoken about resolving the issue since then.

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