Snoop Dogg is frequently one of the most entertaining rappers in the game, so it came as no surprise that the star would hold a hilarious session of Ask Me Anything for Redditt.

The Doggystyle creator obviously fielded a lot of questions about his marijuana habits, dropping hilarious facts, including the statement that he smokes approximately 81 blunts a day and that the longest he's gone without getting high is 164 days.

After his recent transformation into Snoop Lion, the 41-year-old has been sporting Rastafarian gear and repping a new reggae vibe. His recently released single from the new, reggae-infused record is called "Here Comes the King and is produced by Major Lazer aka Diplo.

Check below for some highlights from the AMA session posted as they appeared on the site.

untouchable_face: Hey Snoop, why do you carry an umbrella?

fo drizzle

avenx: What was it like working with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in Starsky & Hutch?

Those cats can smoke uhearme

Shalom86: Who's better at smoking weed, Dave Chapelle or Dr. Dre?

Dave chappelle !

ShadowZant: How high are you right now, Snoop?


instagigated: Snoop, what's your favourite position?

what do u think

March1989: I've heard that you've said Willie Nelson is the only person who has outsmoked you. Is this true?

Willie is 1 of tha greatest to do it !! Smokn n music

DaminDrexil: Your music contains samples from many different styles and genres. Outside of rap/hip-hop, which artists do you enjoy listening to the most?

Curtis Mayfield P Funk Old Skool hip hop

Insane_Platypus: When do you plan on releasing your reggae album?

here comes the king just droppd!!! tha recrd drops n april

dr3paceman: On average, how much do you smoke in a week?

81 blunts a day x 7

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