Read Snoop Lion’s ‘No Guns Allowed’ Essay (EXCLUSIVE)
As I write this, my television screen is full of violent and disturbing images from last week's Boston Marathon bombing.
These images of heartbreak, fear, and panic have become way too common and so have the cases of individuals committing senseless acts of violence and parents losing their inno…
Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight Reunite
We didn't see this one coming. Snoop Dogg Lion has reunited with Suge Knight. Well, sort of.
A photo floating around Instagram showed the pair together and up until today it was inconclusive when or where the former enemies were. But according to TMZ the picture was snapped at the AV Club in Los…
Snoop Lion, Super Bowl: Rapper Shares His Super Bowl Playlist
The Super Bowl is just days away, and we know you're preparing for your party and whatnot. You know who else is fully aware you're preparing? Snoop Dogg Lion.
The left coast legend has collated some of his favorite tracks to create the perfect Super Bowl party playlist, exclusively for Rdio…

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