The Discovery Channel has tapped weed impresario Snoop Dogg to contribute to its new medical marijuana show 'Weed Wars,' which airs next month.

The unscripted show, which delves into the ongoing legal debate regarding medicinal cannabis, will feature theme music by the Doggfather, a longstanding weed enthusiast.

"These ain't your local d-boys/ These are the brothers that be fightin' the weed wars," Snoop raps on the show's intro. "I got to have it in my life/ 'cause it's the only thing I need/ I need it in my life."

'Weed Wars' focuses the nation's largest medicinal marijuana dispensary, Oakland's Harborside Health Center, which serves over 94,000 patients, following the journey of the plant from germination to harvesting and dispensation.

"'Weed Wars' fearlessly pulls back the curtain on a once illegal and still controversial world," Discovery executive Nancy Daniels told Entertainment Weekly back in July. "'Weed Wars' is a fascinating glimpse into this highly unique setting. Like 'Gold Rush' or 'Deadliest Catch,' these are guys pursuing their own version of the American Dream."

The series premieres on Thursday, Dec. 1, at 10PM on the Discovery Channel.

In early December, Snoop will be touring with Wiz Khalifa, in support of 'Mac and Devin Go to High School,' the forthcoming soundtrack to their film of the same name.

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