We didn't see this one coming. Snoop Dogg Lion has reunited with Suge Knight. Well, sort of.

A photo floating around Instagram showed the pair together and up until today it was inconclusive when or where the former enemies were. But according to TMZ the picture was snapped at the AV Club in Los Angeles on Monday night (Feb. 18).

Was it planned? No. Snoop had a show and Suge showed up. Not to beef or anything. Just to see him perform, basically.

After the show Suge walked over to Snoop's table and the pair got along like old friends. Which, after all, they once were.

But the two have exchanged barbs over the years and to describe their relationship as anything but contentious would be a gross misrepresentation. These guys do not like each other.

Maybe it's true -- time does heal all wounds. Or maybe they were just drunk and high.

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