In this week's round-up of the Top Five Tweets of the Week, Slim Thug gives details about a recent flight to Houston where a passenger attempted to open the exit door, Keri Hilson responds to reports that she doesn't date rappers, and Snoop Dogg shows his holiday spirit. Chamillionaire praises Kanye West, and Brandy signs a new record deal and plans on releasing a new album.

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1. @Slimthugga (Slim Thug): So I'm sleep on this early morning flight back to (Houston) why we just had an emergency landing. Some dude tried to open the exit door. Why we were up in the air and the damn fool cracked a window on the plane. WTF smfh and I was sleep through it all...I think I'm traumatized from what happen on the plane. I need to talk to my lawyer.

2. @MissKeriBaby (Keri Hilson): My dating preference is based on MY experiences. But honestly, they are expectations to every rule. Point is I'd date a regular guy ... got it? But think for a second ...t here are so many well-off men who have NOTHING to do with sports/entertainment. Just don't like how people assume that I'd ONLY date a rich & famous man. MORAL over MONEY. TAME over FAME ... period, I'm me. You're you. So let's just be who we are.

3. @chamillionaire (Chamillionaire): I believe that Kanye West is the best rap producer of all time. Yea I said it. Not beat maker. Producer.

4. @Snoopdogg (Snoop Dogg): Tiss tha season!!

5. @4everBrandy (Brandy Norwoord): INCREDIBLE meeting at my NEW record label!! (You will know the details very soon) Shall I say the ALBUM is coming VERY SOON Smash!!!!!

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