Duck Down Records' flagship MC-enforcer Sean Price is back with his long-awaited third solo LP, Mic Tyson, which features production by frequent collaborators Alchemist, 9th Wonder and Khrysis. Guest appearances include labelmates Buckshot, Ruste Juxx, Pharoahe Monch, affiliate Torae and Ill Bill.

The 40-year-old Brooklyn, N.Y., rapper -- a Brownsville native to be exact -- best known as one half of seminal Boot Camp group Heltah Skeltah, reinvented himself in 2005, with an effortless, sarcastic punchline style, and lurid tales of drug-dealing, violence and unrepentant indifference.

Returning with his first solo album in five years, Sean P's Mic Tyson may lack the cohesion and energy of previous releases Monkey Barz and Jesus Price Supastar, yet the 15-track LP acts as a more than suitable vehicle to deliver P's typically bruising, blunt-force rhymes and militant humor.

"Ruck jewelery, what jewelry?/ I took this from another rapper, slapped him with the toolie, G/ Cornball rappers, I see 'em on BET/ Relieved of they jewelery, interview Beef DVD," P raps relentlessly on "Bar-Barian," before closing the casket on his fellow MCs.

"I hit a line of white, I smoke a dub of green/ N----s call it purple, what the fuck you mean?/ Fuck a fist fight, I'm gunnin' you rappers/ I don't give a fuck about none a you rappers."

While his third release may not break new ground, Sean Price continues to steamroll through the rap game (Cornel West or otherwise), without losing a coke, weed or 40-fueled step, spitting harder in 2012, than he did at the height of his major label career.

Sean Price's Mic Tyson is in stores now.

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