That voice, the microphone presence, the witty lines. Sean Price had it all as a rapper, and it's hard to believe that it's been seven months since he died in his sleep while at home in Brooklyn.

Today (March 17), the MC's longtime label Duck Down dropped the single "Definition of a God," which will be on Sean's posthumous album Imperius Rex. On it, the Heltah Skeltah rhymer sews together a bunch of memorable lines in that clever, unique way that many people will miss.

Sean Price, King Kong in the place / Big gun watch the bullet bing bong in your face / Murder the bastard, emergency, surgery, casket / Face reconstruction with the eight heating something / Touch you bad when you hit the hard hawk / Pain, my knuckles drag when the god walk / I ain't old school, I ain't new school / I'm a drop 'em with that tool that pop out," he raps.

You can rock to the new single below and look out for Price's Imperius Rex album sometime this year.

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