Snoop Dogg discussed his upcoming tour with comedian Mike Epps. "Mike Epps is exceptional," Snoop said. "He's the equivalent to Snoop Dogg in comedy. People love him. They respect his comedy, his views, his vision...When you say Mike Epps, people laugh. They smile. They associate him with funny. When you say Snoop Dogg, people get excited and start singing songs...We said, 'Me and you onstage together is great, but if we're onstage together and doing a real show, where we're interacting with a big screen, where it's movie scenes we shot beforehand, where it intercuts onstage live - music, comedy - it'll just be a great show.' The way we putting it together, we'll be in Vegas one day getting paper. Watch out, Beyonce." When we hear Snoop Dogg, we think weed, but hey, watch out B. [MTV]

NBA star/gun fan Gilbert Arenas recently talked with Esquire about the circumstances that lead to him bringing 4 guns into the locker room and threatening playing a practical joke with them on teammate Javaris Crtittenton. "When I see him, my mind says, Boo yow! My guns, put them on the chair. That's where the problem came in - with the "boo yow!" I wasn't using longevity thinking." Longevity thinking. [Esquire]

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