A queen celebrates her birthday, an Ivy League dropout scores a hit and the “Baby Got Back” guy drops his debut. For all that and more, check out this day in hip-hop history.

1988: Sir Mix-A-Lot releases ‘Swass’

Before he declared his love of large posteriors, ol’ Anthony Ray of Seattle (aka Sir Mix-A-Lot) introduced himself with a fun album title (he told Magnet it stood for “Some Wild Ass Silly Shit,” but he only came up with that after the album was released) and some old-school cool. “Posse on Broadway” is the track people remember, but nobody should forget “Rippin’,” which, aside from its "Alouette" refrain, sets the foundation for what “Baby Got Back” would deliver in a couple years. Oh, and Metal Church brings the volume and distortion to “Iron Man,” one of the requisite, post-”Walk This Way” rap/rock collaborations.

1989: Wreckx-N-Effect drops self-titled album

This Harlem posse was produced by Mr. New Jack himself, Teddy Riley. “New Jack Swing” was a No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart, peaking shortly before band member Brandon Mitchell was shot and killed in an argument, reportedly over a woman. Two years later, Wreckx (reduced to a duo, plus Riley) would land a huge pop hit with “Rump Shaker.”

1992: Chubb Rock drops ‘I Gotta Get Mine Yo!’

Chubb Rock was a pre-med student at Brown University — Ivy League! — before dropping out to see where this hip-hop thing would take him. He managed to do pretty well, with a smattering of rap hits and albums like I Gotta Get Mine Yo! that feature hard beats and rhymes, alongside silky ballads.

2006: Beyoncé releases ‘B'Day’

To think Beyoncé was just 25 when this was released, three years removed from her solo debut and two from putting Destiny’s Child to bed. Two tracks with future hubby Jay-Z (including "Déjà Vu") highlight the disc, but there’s great stuff all around, like “Irreplaceable” and the Shakira duet “Beautiful Liar.” All hail the queen.

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